What clay helps with acne

What clay helps with acne
Cosmetic natural clay – an excellent tool in the fight against pimples. Clays are different – black, white, red, and also blue, green, yellow. In this variegated color, before applying it, it is necessary to understand. Clay of different colors has different properties. All of them effectively fight with pimples, blackheads, black dots and other troubles. But the choice of this or that clay for use depends on the type and condition of the skin.

White clay

White clay is considered the most effective. It is not only a storehouse of microelements, but also an excellent antiseptic. In addition, the level of acidity in it is optimal for the skin. White clay is a product of mild and delicate action. Therefore, it is recommended to use it for sensitive, dry and flaccid skin. In addition to getting rid of acne, it will also have a toning effect. But those who have vessels close to the surface of the skin, use white clay is not recommended.

To prepare a mask from white clay it is good to use a decoction of chamomile.

Black clay

Black clay is quite versatile. Suitable and normal, and dry, but especially oily skin. It has a mild moisturizing effect, narrows the pores, cleans, removes dead cells, regenerates skin tissue and effectively fights with pimples and black dots.

Mask of black clay is better to cook on the broth of turn and mint.

Blue clay

In it, compared with the rest, contains the most minerals. It is suitable for any skin, but especially for dry and fading. Blue clay – an excellent antiseptic, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and allows you to get rid of inflamed pimples.
In the mask of blue clay, it is good to add a decoction of marigold or a dry sponge.

Green Clay

It, in addition to all other therapeutic effects, has a drying effect. It is thanks to him that she quickly removes acne and inflammation. Green clay deeply cleanses the pores, narrows them, removes greasy gloss, gives the skin dullness. Use it best for oily skin.

A mask made of a mixture of green and white clay works very well. This mixture can be diluted with thermal water or a mineral water.

Red clay

It is not as aggressive as black, blue and green. This kind of cosmetic clay gently and delicately cleanses the skin, providing an easy lifting effect. Used to treat acne on dry, hypersensitive and problematic skin. With oily skin, its use is not effective.

Red clay is mixed with milk or cream.

Yellow clay

Yellow clay enriches the skin with oxygen. It contains iodine, and it is very good at removing toxins, enriching skin cells with oxygen.

To get rid of pimples from yellow clay make masks with the addition of honey and lemon juice (a few drops).

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