What can soften the weather-beaten lips

What can soften the weather-beaten lips
Sharp temperature changes, strong wind, frost are the main causes of the weathering of the lips: they become rough, the skin on them is pulled together and begins to crack. These lips need special care. The best way to mitigate weather-beaten lips is to use time-tested folk remedies. Positive effect is achieved after the first procedures.

Honey – an effective remedy for softening the weather-beaten lips

To overestimate the benefits of natural honey is simply impossible: it not only softens the weather-beaten skin of the lips, making it soft and tender, but also heals deep cracks. This is due to the wound-healing effect of the beekeeping product. It is recommended to take a little candied honey, a little warm in your hands and apply it with massaging movements on the weather-beaten lips. After 2-3 minutes, honey should be washed off with comfortable temperature water.

In addition, to mitigate weather-beaten lips recommend using a honey-sour mixture (ratio 1: 1). The composition is applied by gentle massaging movements on the skin of the lips and leaves the mixture for the night, and in the morning it is washed off with warm water.

Cottage cheese mask – an effective remedy, softening the weather-beaten lips

To prepare a healing composition, you need to take a bit of fatty cottage cheese and mix it with cream (should get a thick paste-like mass). Curd weights should be applied to the weather-beaten lips and leave for 5-7 minutes, then remove the remainders of the mixture and rinse with warm water.

Aloe helps to soften the weather-beaten lips

Aloe juice, which possesses miraculous properties, will help soften the weather-beaten lips and accelerate the process of tissue regeneration. To do this, take a fresh sheet and squeeze out a few drops of juice from it. This procedure should be done twice or thrice a day during 5-7 days (the aloe leaf should be stored in the refrigerator).

Aromatherapy – Aids for weathered lips

It softens the skin and accelerates the process of regeneration of damaged tissue. A cosmetic mixture consisting of patchouli aromatic oil (3-4 drops), almond oil (30 ml), vetiver essential oil (3-4 drops) and neroli aroma oil (1 drop). The container with the mixture should be shaken well and left for 2 weeks in a cool place. This composition needs to cover the skin of the lips and leave the product for the night. In the morning, the composition should be washed off with water.

Features of additional care for weathered lips

Every time after a bath or shower it is recommended to apply a moisturizer on the lips. Alternatively, you can use a frayed avocado or apricot pulp, mixed with cream or olive oil. Before going out on the street in winter, you need to apply lip balm on your lips, and in summer – sunscreen lipstick.

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