What are the hairstyles on one side

What are the hairstyles on one side
There is a wide variety of asymmetric hairstyles with hair falling on one shoulder. Having learned to make one of them, you can on its basis model new hairstyles to your liking.

Old hairstyles in a new way

The most simple hairstyle with hair on one side is a braid. It will look very beautiful on a smooth and heavy shock. For its weaving, the hair is divided into a straight part in one part of the head and combed down on the other side. After that braids tight braid, which is fixed with an elastic band in the tone of the hair, or decorated with rhinestones. At the base of the braid from behind you need to fix the hair with invisible.

Elegantly and eternally fashionable hair is curled locks. But if you put them to one side, the hairdo will acquire a completely new, elegant appearance, advantageously opening the shoulder and neck. Screw curls can be with a curling iron or curler. Each curl lay out on the same side. After you process all the shock in this way, curl the braid from below, as if braiding the spikelets from two strands, where each second lock is taken from below from the free hair. In the lower part of the head, under the main mass of hair, secure the resulting tourniquet with invisible objects, which are crosswise to each other. Scrunch your hair with a varnish for styling.

Feminine bundle on one side

An elegant evening hairdo can be a bundle attached to the side. The first stage is the distribution of hair on the parting, as in the previous version. Then the hair gathers in the tail at the bottom of the head on the side. If the hair is thick and long, they can be braided into the braid and slightly inflated by pulling the edges of each link. So it will be easier to work with further modeling of the hairstyle.

If the hair is medium in length and sparse, then they should be screwed on curling iron or curlers. Then the hair is twisted, forming a bundle, and fastened with pins. Hair is better varnished for a longer lasting effect. A suitable accent hair will be large flowers of polymer clay or decorative hairpins with artificial pearls.

There is also an original version of the execution of the previous hairstyle. It will suit the owner of hair with a light, wavy structure. After distributing the hair to the parting, begin to weave the braid along the horizontal line in such a way that the lower part of it is closed, and the upper one takes a lock of hair from each of the links.

By the type of weaving on one side – the usual braid, and on the other – the spikelet. The braid should be started from the side where the parting is located. Without reaching the opposite ear, add a free braid and fasten it with a thin rubber band in tone. The remaining unused strands are wound and, together with the braid, fix them in a three-dimensional bundle. Secure with invisible objects and sprinkle with varnish.

You can also twine the braid like a spikelet, including all the hair in your hair. This option is appropriate and beautiful, if your hair is long enough to braid the braid while turning the head remained on the shoulder, and did not go back.

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