What are the haircuts called?

What are the haircuts called?
Female haircuts can be universal, classic or extravagant. The choice of one of the options depends on how radically the woman decides to change her image. The names of haircuts will help determine the choice before visiting the hairdresser.

Kare and Bob – the most common female haircuts

Довольно распространенной является короткая female a haircut to the middle of the chin, which is called "square". Its option is graded square, which is performed with a deep filing. The line of cutting the hair is done at a certain angle. Graduated quads and on short hair, in this case, the hair looks more original.

A short hairstyle with an asymmetric element is called "asymmetric square." At the same time, individual hair strands are shortened, for example, on one side of the face. Square with elongation – это простая стрижка, выполняемая прямыми ножницами. Парикмахер состригает волосы таким образом, чтобы передние кончики прически получились слегка удлиненными. Такая haircut is good девушкам, имеющим круглую или овальную форму лица.

Каре с коротким затылком – это стрижка, при которой передние пряди делаются удлиненными, а волосы на затылке – короткими. Каре является универсальной, на ее базе можно делать оригинальные прически, которые можно дополнить челкой или окрасить пряди волос в разные цвета.

Kare was popular already in the early twenties, while women wore short hairstyles up to the middle of the ear.

In the early twentieth century, a haircut called "Bob" appeared. Currently, it has many options, each of which successfully corrects a person who has a round shape. Hair is cut in a circle, and in the nape of the neck a small step is formed.

Popular women's haircuts

Very popular is a haircut called "pixy". She looks like a man's hair, but thanks to a special technique of performance looks amazing. The hairstyle of "mallet" means elongated strands of hair behind and short locks in front. The "page" hairstyle has a length to the middle of the ears, the hair forms a so-called "cap", the bangs are straight and elongated. "The page" is most suitable for voluminous and thick hair. She goes to women with a perfectly beautiful line of chin and neck.

Cut "page" can be supplemented with elements of "torn" edging, oblique bangs or coloring of individual strands of hair.

Hairstyle "Ganson" is a short haircut, with a length of strands up to three centimeters. The zone of the temples is open, in the back of the neck the hair is short-cut. Grooming "Ganson" goes to women who have the ideal face shape. For women with thin hair, a multistage multi-stage haircut "cascade" is suitable, which implies the separation of strands into several steps. It gives the hair extra volume.

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