What are the advantages of strengthening natural nail gel

What are the advantages of strengthening natural nail gel
Strengthening the nail gel requires careful preparation of the plates. If this is not done, the result will be deplorable and not long-term. Once in 2-3 weeks, you need to do the correction of the coating, so that the nails stay reinforced gel longer. Strengthening natural nails is not just a cosmetic manicure procedure. This is also the improvement of nails. There are several ways to strengthen, but the most popular is the sealing gel. This method has its indisputable advantages.

How does the procedure work?

Before reinforcing nails with gel, they need to be carefully prepared. The process is no different from preparing for building. Nails should be shaped like a nail file, removed or removed the cuticle. For the gel to lie more evenly and stay longer, it is required to thoroughly polish the natural plate with a soft buff. After that, you need to degrease your nails with a special remedy.

Gel for strengthening of nails can be single-phase or three-phase. And the one and the other kind copes with sealing well. The first thin layer of gel of transparent color is laid out on prepared nails. Dry in a UV lamp should be strictly according to the instructions. On this depends how long the coating will last.

The second layer of gel is also superimposed on a thin layer. The main difference is to lay out the material not only on the outside of the nail plate, but also on the back of the free edge. This seals the nails, protecting them from brittleness and delamination. The last layer is the finish layer. It can be an ultra-glossy tool, or maybe single-phase transparent gel, which then removes the sticky layer.


The biggest advantage of the procedure is the compaction of the nail bed and the free edge. Thanks to this, the nails become firmer, break less, do not fade. Over time, the length of the nails increases, but the material does not break from it.

Gel, in contrast to acrylic, "breathes". He lets in the air to the natural nail, which is necessary for normal growth. Biogel, too, misses the air, but as a way to strengthen, not everyone approaches. It often breaks, splits, breaks.

Natural nails, covered with gel, you can do cosmetic procedures: masks, baths, poultices. The material passes not only the air, but also all the useful microelements and vitamins to the nail. Under the gel layer all these substances are absorbed faster into the nail plate, making it healthier and more beautiful.

When preparing the nails to strengthen the cuticle is processed, which makes it healthier. In addition, you can significantly reduce the number of sessions of edging manicure. A varnish on the nails covered with gel, holds several times longer than on natural ones. In this case, the basis for manicure is not required. In its role is the gel itself, not allowing the colored pigment to soak into the nail plate.

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