What are the advantages of hair color Loreal

What are the advantages of hair color Loreal
Home staining is becoming more popular. According to statistics, most women prefer French "L'Oreal" paint for these purposes. It has a number of advantages.


All lines of hair dye «L'Oreal» belong to the category of persistent. This means that even after washing head eight times or more, the color remains bright and saturated. Some types of paint are not washed off even after the thirteenth washing of the head. Such indicators are no longer represented by any mass-market department brand. You can get the same effect as in the salon, with home coloring in only half an hour of saturation hair with a creamy or foaming substance.

Gentle staining

Unlike many other brands, L'Oreal is recognized as one of the most mild colors. When it is dyed, it does not dry your hair. The composition of the creamy mixture includes vitamins that feed the hair structure.


One of the main advantages of hair color "L'Oreal" is a wide range. The color palette is full of shades of dark, light and red tones. In addition, the paints differ also in pillars: Excellence, Preference and others. Delux paint is also on sale. For example, Inoa, which is used in hairdressing salons and salons.

Variety of painting methods

The main advantage of the hair color "L'Oreal" is the choice of the method of painting. The Excellence ruler has a classic creamy texture. It is thick and comfortably mixed. It should be applied with the brush on the hair from the roots. Preference is chosen as the most resistant line. She paints the gray hair and gives shine to the dull hair. And Mousse is chosen by those who want to achieve the perfect shade without anyone's help. Components are mixed in a tube that gives out foam when pressed. Such paint is applied as a shampoo, which is most convenient.


In any box except for the paint directly, gloves are placed. Sometimes you can also find a small brush in the old configuration. Instructions for use describe in detail all the stages of staining. And the greatest advantage of hair color "L'Oreal" is the presence in each package of balm. It is enough for several applications.

Modern coloring

In addition to the classical coloring, you can take advantage of the futuristic. A fundamentally new vision of the style was created by the company "L'Oreal", releasing the Ombre paint. The effect is the transition of the tone from dark to light. It looks like overgrown roots, but now it's the most fashionable trend.

cost of

The quality of home staining from "L'Oreal" is combined with the price. It ranges from 250 to 350 rubles depending on the ruler. For professional paint it is democratic.

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