What are the advantages of bezammiachaya hair dye

What are the advantages of bezammiachaya hair dye
Bezammiachnye paints belong to the generation of so-called sparing paints. This product is less harmful to hair and is suitable for frequent use. Unlike paints with ammonia, the advantages of coloring compounds without a destructive structure of the hair component are many. Colors without ammonia not only change color, but also allow you to care for your hair even with frequent use. These coloring products are gaining popularity all over the world, as bezammiachnye novelties do not dry curls, retain their natural shine. But the result of the procedure will largely depend on the quality of the composition.

The essence of bezammiachnyh paints

Bezammia paints give a gentle color. The composition of such a gentle product includes natural ingredients that nourish the hair and give them a beautiful shine. Paints without ammonium often contain extracts of grape seeds, millet, B vitamins and other valuable substances.

Colors with ammonia guarantee a permanent color, the pigment penetrates deep into the structure of the hair due to the use of ammonium. However, such dyes damage the hair, therefore, after staining with ammonia, hair has to be treated. Bezammiachnye same funds do not contain a corrosive ingredient, moreover, the percentage of hydrogen peroxide in them is also reduced.

Thanks to a special formula, bezammia paints can be used to restore previously damaged hair. Plant extracts, included in their composition, protect hair from ultraviolet, moisturize the scalp, and strengthen hair follicles.

Advantages of paints without ammonia

Dyes without ammonium are quickly washed off, but even this seemingly defect can easily be turned into a plus. All because bezammiachnye funds allow you to experiment with appearance. The shade will last about two months, if the color disappears earlier, the hair can again be painted with paint without ammonia.

Most importantly, bezammiachnye novelties are harmless to the head of hear. The absence of ammonia provides a safe color, the pigment settles on the surface of the hair. Stylists recommend using such colors regularly, then the color becomes more vibrant and bright. All because the pigment accumulates on the hair. To the color was persistent, experts advise also not to wash your hair before staining.

After the application of bezammia paints, the curls get radiant. It is important that the process of staining with such compounds is reversible, you can easily return to the "native" hair color, if the result did not suit you. The palette of bezammiachnyh paints is not less than the "harmful" colors. But do not forget that when painting gray hair roots will have to tint more often, if you choose a paint without caustic ammonium. But the colors of bezammia compositions look natural.

Finally, the advantage of colors without ammonium can be considered the fact that today it will be possible to acquire both professional means and products for home use. The cost of bezammiachnyh paints varies, so you can find the product on almost any wallet.

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