What are the acne on the face: we choose the methods of treatment

What are the acne on the face: we choose the methods of treatment
It is known that the cause of acne on the face of an adult can be various diseases of internal organs. By their location, you can identify problems and choose methods of treatment.

If acne appeared on the forehead and above the eyebrows, then we can talk about a violation in the digestive system. To avoid stomach problems, you should eat less unhealthy, processed, fatty foods, sweet, floury. But fresh vegetables and fruits on the contrary will help to improve the skin.

On the bridge of the nose and between the eyebrows, acne can occur due to abnormal liver function. To make them disappear, you need to exclude from the diet alcohol, dairy products, fatty foods. Strong prolonged night sleep and physical activity will help in the fight against this problem.

Acne in the temples and defects around the eyes suggest that the body lacks fluid. To achieve the effect, you need to drink ordinary clean water.

If the problem area on the face is a nose, you can talk about heart problems. You should avoid sharp foods, reduce the consumption of fatty and roasted meat, monitor your cholesterol, and often visit the fresh air. For the work of the heart are useful products with Omega-3 and Omega-6 (fish, nuts, avocado, flaxseed). The nose is very many times, so the cause of acne on the face in this area can be delayed makeup, not washed away for the night makeup.

Если прыщики появились на ушах и около мочек, то необходимо больше пить чистой воды и избегать употребления газировки, алкоголя, кофе. Это поможет почкам лучше работать.

On the cheeks there are pimples those who have problems with the respiratory system. Especially in allergy sufferers and smokers. Abandonment of bad habits, walking outdoors, reducing consumption of sugar and fermented milk products, adding wheat sprouts and green vegetables to the diet will help to get rid of from acne on the face in this area.

Problems in the corners of the mouth and under them talk about hormonal changes in the body and stress. You need to get enough sleep, drink a lot, follow the regime. Also, the appearance of pimples in these places may indicate that a woman ovulation occurs.

If the problem area is the chin, then we can talk about the malfunction of the stomach. You should eat fiber, drink herbal teas.

Pimples on the neck can be a sign of an infectious disease. The body needs rest, plenty of fluid and vitamins.

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