What a hairstyle to make on 1 September

What a hairstyle to make on 1 September
The first of September is an important day in the life of a student and student. He meets old friends, meets new ones. On this day you want to look "one hundred percent" to give yourself and others a boost of optimism for the whole school year.

Hairstyle for the first of September should be stylish, but the hair should not climb on the face, interfering with the learning process. When choosing a styling, pay attention to those where strands in the temporal and frontal lobes are removed under the bandage or collected in the tail or scythe.

Stylish spit "spikelet" – very suitable for girls with long thick tresses. To do this, lightly brush your hair to get extra volume. Then, starting from the left temple to the right, drag the braid diagonally, separating the thin strands. The thinner they will be, the more beautiful it will turn out. Due to the fact that the hair is braided diagonally, the braid will go over the entire head, smoothly lying on the right shoulder. To make it appear more voluminous, after fixing the hair with an elastic band, gently pull the crochet hook to pull a few thin strands along the entire hairstyle. Secure the packing with varnish.

"Greek" styling is suitable for girls with not too long hair. To make it, you will need a bandage. Suitable tape, strap, silk handkerchief. First, divide the hair into a straight part and sprinkle them with varnish to make them more docile. Then alternately, starting with the temporal locks, twist them under the bandage ends inward. Try to make a smooth roller. Fix the hair with a varnish. This arrangement makes the head neat, the hair does not climb into the eyes.

It is not necessary on the first of September to make complex hairstyles with high beams. They will prevent those sitting behind from following the proceedings at the board. Also, try not to come to school or an institute with loose hair, if they are longer than the shoulders. Locks can interfere with a neighbor on the desk, blocking you overview, cling to the back of the chair. It is best to choose a simple and quick styling, which will always look stylish and neat. Even the usual "tail", decorated with a bright shawl, with honor will cope with this task.

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