Well-groomed hair: recipes for masks with gelatin

Well-groomed hair: recipes for masks with gelatin
Gelatin has become widespread not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology. This product consists of natural collagen, keratin and animal protein. That is why gelatin has a beneficial effect on the hair condition, giving them smoothness, healthy shine and strength.

Gelatin can be added to shampoo, because even with short-term exposure to hair, it gives a tangible result. Remember that you need to prepare a portion of gelatin immediately before washing your head. To do this, soak it in water and mix it with shampoo.

В Home conditions possible to do hair conditioner. Take one yolk, 2 tbsp. lemon juice, 1 tbsp. gelatin and 100 ml of warm water. Gelatine is dissolved in water and mixed thoroughly with the rest of the ingredients. Finish the product for a few minutes immediately after washing your head and rinse with cool water.

Mask Recipes

Accelerate hair growth will help the following mask: 1 tsp. gelatin fill in 2 st.l. warm water and wait 3-5 minutes. Then mix the resulting mass with 1 tsp. henna, 1 tsp mustard powder and one yolk. Keep the mask on your hair you need about 20-23 minutes. After this procedure, the curls will become incredibly smooth and shiny.

The mask, prepared from gelatin and jojoba oil, has a wonderful healing and restoring effect. First you need to fill in 1 st.l. gelatin 100 ml of warm water. When it swells, add 1 tsp. oil and mix well. Apply the mask on the hair and hold for half an hour.

You can strengthen hair with an onion mask. For preparation take on 1 st.l. shampoo and gelatin, raw egg yolk and 4 st.l. onion juice. Mix all ingredients and apply to hair. Cover the head with a food film and a warm kerchief. After an hour, rinse with warm water.

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