Welcome to Korea the male narcissim capital of the world

Welcome to Korea the male narcissim capital of the world

Here we have an interesting article on CNN earlier this week. Will this trend spread slowly to other Asian countries? In any way, it’s a big step already since Western men are not at all open to the idea of Men-makeup! What do you think about this ongoing trend?


Korean Air’s new staff training session last month — makeup and skincare lessons — may not sound like anything untoward.

But this training was for the airline’s male staff.

On February 18, at Korean Air’s flight attendant training center in Seoul, 74 of the airline’s newest male recruits underwent an “image making for service men” workshop and seminar.

The three-hour class included lessons on the best ways to apply skin care cosmetics, sunscreen and BB cream (Korean beige-tinted “blemish balm” — a mix of foundation, sunscreen and moisturizer).

Continued education

The airline brought in makeup professionals for the occasion, which was geared towards the airline’s new ground staff.

Flight attendants did not receive the makeup training.

“We plan on continuing the image-enhancing education, including basic makeup training, in the future,” said Korean Air public relations representative Hyun-mook Cho.

New culture

While Korean Air would not confirm that its male ground staff are required to wear makeup, we can be pretty sure they aren’t receiving this training due to concerns about their next hot date.

Korea is the biggest market for male grooming products, accounting for 18 percent of the world’s male cosmetic market in 2011. Eyeliner and BB cream are considered perfectly acceptable for male celebrities and for an increasing number of ordinary men.

In the past, Korean Air’s makeup classes have been available only for its female staff. This marked the first time its male staff received such lessons.

Private flight attendant academies in Korea have been holding hair and makeup classes for decades, teaching (mostly female) students what types of makeup are suitable for interviewing with which airline.

One tip: sexy eyeshadow is a no-no for Korean airlines, which have built their image on a conservative, clean-cut look


Welcome to the male narcissism capital of the world

Seoul’s male-only spas and facilities push skincare and beauty tips.

I’m not vain. I just love myself.

Korean men sure love to spend money on … themselves.

Not only were men’s clothing sales higher than women’s in Korea last year, but Korean men accounted for 18 percent of the world’s male skincare market, officially making Korea the biggest market in the world for male cosmetics, Chosun Ilbo reported Monday.

They aren’t shy about it either, as frequenting beauty facilities is increasingly becoming the norm for Korean men.



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  1. You spelled “narcissism” wrongly. I should think that “vanity” is a better word than “narcissism”, because the latter is actually associated with a mental disorder, and is especially known to be malignant at times in the case of it being a full-blown disorder. LOL

  2. As long as they don’t pay attention to their own faces more than their loved ones’ then I think it’s ok LOL

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