Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair
Beautiful wedding hairstyles can be created from hair of any length. Even if your locks barely reach the shoulders, you can make a magnificent knot, romantic braid-basket or waves in vintage style. Supplement the laying with artificial or natural colors, veil or a hat, as well as a variety of hair jewelry.

Simple wedding hairstyles for a hat and veil

From medium length hair, you can make a few simple but effective hairstyles, which should be supplemented with a flower garland, a hat with a veil or veil. Hair should look perfectly well-groomed – only then they will really decorate the bride.

The choice of hair style depends on the style of the wedding dress. Romantic dresses are fitted with braids and curls, elegant toilets need more complex styling or simple bunches.

Wash your head, treat hair air conditioner, mousse, removing excess static electricity and giving strands volume. Then rinse the hair thoroughly and dry it – first with a soft towel and then with a hair dryer set in a warm air mode.

Wavy strands need to be straightened – this procedure will give them shine and smoothness. Divide the hair into small strands and alternately treat them with iron. In order not to damage the curls, first apply a thermal protective spray or cream on them.

Smoothed strands of sprinkle with a fixing spray and collect on the back of the head in a low pony tail. Help yourself a comb so that your hair is perfectly smooth. Pull the tail into the harness, and then fold it around the base and secure with the studs. The bangs can be combed back or raised with a forehead and laid with a wave. Such a hairstyle is in good harmony with a small hat-current or veil without a wreath pinned under a beam.

Try another simple version of the beam – smooth hair combed clean in a grid, crocheted and decorated with pearls or rhinestones. Such an accessory will replace the traditional headdress of the bride. The knot can be supplemented with a pair of free ringlets at the temples – they will beautifully frame the face.

Простая, но красивая прическа, идеально подходящая для юной романтичной невесты – коса-корзинка. Ее можно делать на прямых или волнистых волосах любой густоты. Длина до плеч вполне достаточна. Расчешите волосы, разделите их на косой пробор и сбрызните фиксирующим спреем. Отделите неширокую прядь у пробора и начинайте плетение, постепенно присоединяя к косе тонкие прядки из основной массы волос. Ведите косу от пробора вдоль лба к затылку, формируя ровную округлую корзинку. Не затягивайте пряди – плетение должно быть свободным.

Заплетая косы, не стремитесь к идеально ровной укладке – плетенка может быть слегка небрежной.

Tend the basket to the back of the head, and then bring it to the beginning of the work. Pin the spit with a thin rubber band and tuck it under the braid, prikolov hairpin. Place the fastening with a large artificial or natural flower. Such a hairstyle can be decorated and small inflorescences, stuck them in the braid. It turns out a kind of wreath of hair and flowers, which will perfectly harmonize with the veil.

Elegant wedding: waves and curls

Попробуйте сделать элегантную прическу с волнами – они подойдет к простому стильному платью со шлейфом. Смочите волосы спреем и накрутите их на крупные бигуди. Высушите локоны феном, осторожно снимите бигуди и заколите три передних локона зажимами, сохраняя их округлую форму.

Separate the triangular strand of hair on the vertex and also podkolite it. The rest of the hair comb back and tie the tail with a narrow silk ribbon. The stuck lock is straightened and combed back. With a thin comb, form a large curl and secure it with invisibility.

Tail comb, fold in a ring and pin on the back of the head. If you like loose hair, leave the tail free, having decorated it with hair stitched in rings. The ends of the curls disguise, tucked under the curls. Locks on forehead free from clamps and swing back. Their ends are tightened with rings and pin. Decorate your hair with fresh flowers and tulle bows. This laying does not require a veil.

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