Weaving as an element of a hairstyle

Weaving as an element of a hairstyle
With the help of such an element as braiding, the hairdo can be made not only beautiful but also voluminous. Especially original looks a combination of two different types of weaving, as well as braids with the addition of colored strands.

You will need
  • Long or medium hair, elastic bands, ribbons.
Weaving "double thread". This hairstyle is also known as a waterfall of two strands. Take the forehead strand of hair and divide it into two. Now twist the strands clockwise or counterclockwise. From the top, separate the strand of hair, place it between twisted strands and release it down. It should be above the top strand and under the bottom. Now, again twist the two working strands, pass a loose strand between them from above and release. Continue to weave braids, passing loose strands on top of a bundle of two twisted strands. At the end, fix the hair with a ribbon or an elastic band. To make the hair look neat, the strands should be equal in width and be spaced equally apart. This is the skill of weaving.

"French spit on the contrary." Take a wide strand of hair on the back of the head and divide it into three even strands. Place the left strand under the middle. Then place the right strand under the middle one. From the hair on the left side, take a thin strand and add it to the left strand. Then place this left strand under the middle one. Now from the hair on the right side, take a thin strand and add it to the right strand. Then place the right strand under the middle one. Continue the weaving according to the scheme: to the outer strands add a pod and remove the strands alternately under the middle strand. To the French braid look lush, before the beginning of weaving, naches the roots of hair, and then lightly brush.

"Waterfall". Take a wide frontal strand of hair and divide it into three equal parts. Their conditional subdivision: upper, lower and middle. Now start to braid the French braid: the upper strand is located above the middle stripe, and the lower stripe to the middle one. Now once again put the upper strand on the middle, and on the side of the free hair take a small podlet and put it on the middle strand. Now release the lower strand. Up to this point, it is important to keep all the strands in hand. Near the loosened lower strand of free hair, take another string and place it on the middle one. After this, repeat the weave first: to the top strand you need to add a pile of free hair all the time, place the pod on the middle strand, and let the lower strand go. The last strand is replaced by a new lower strand of free hair next to the released strand. Weave a "waterfall" from one temple to another. After this, hanging strands curl. With this hair style, you will look like a fairy elf.

"The double braid." This hairstyle is also called a braid in a queue. To do this, use the weaving technique of the French spit. This braid is the main element in the hairstyle. Begin the weaving from the back of the head and make sure that the sides are flush with the sides. Approximately through pair links separate small prjadki from each locks and leave them drooping. For convenience, you can pin them with crabs so that they do not mix with the rest of the hair. On the contrary, braid the French braid as much as possible, since on top of it will be located one more braid. When the main braid is braided, weave the French braid from the left thin strips on top. At the end, fasten the two braids with an elastic band.

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