We protect the skin in summer

We protect the skin in summer
With the onset of summer, our skin undergoes various tests. To the skin was in good condition even in the summer, it is necessary to observe several rules of care for it.

Protecting your soft skin in the winter from cold, wind, rain, many women use all kinds of cosmetic preparations. With the advent of the serene days, they forget about it safely.

For some reason, most women mistakenly believe that in the spring-summer season, the skin does not need food and additional protection. But in the spring and summer, our skin just needs protection, and sometimes even more than in winter.

Поездка на море, где нам хочется чаще находиться на солнце, испытание для нашей кожи. Мы даже не замечаем, что через несколько дней наша кожа становится грубой на ощупь, появляется сухость и уходит упругость.

In order for the skin to rest and remain as young, tender and elastic, several rules should be observed:

1. During the summer holidays it is better to give up cosmetics. Let the skin rest, like the whole body.

2. After bathing in the sea or pool, please your body with a nutritious or moisturizing balm.

3. When taking sun baths, do not forget about moisturizing and sunscreen.

4. In summer, try to avoid alcohol, salty and spicy food. To quench thirst is best with ordinary fresh water. Spoil yourself with fruits and vegetables that are so fresh and nutritious in the summer, because in winter they do not have so many vitamins.

Observing such simple rules, the skin will always be young and the first wrinkles will not appear soon.

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