We make vitamins for hair

We make vitamins for hair
Avitaminosis can cause deterioration of the hair condition. They begin to fall out, become lifeless, dull and brittle. Fix the situation will help home masks, which will nourish the hair with the necessary vitamins.

Express Mask

This vitamin mask even after one application revitalizes the hair, accelerates their growth and nourishes the scalp. For cooking, mix 2 st.l. flax oil with 1 tsp. tincture of Eleutherococcus and raw yolk. Then add ? tsp. oil solutions of vitamins E, A and PP. Put the product on hair, wrap it with food film and towel. After an hour, rinse the mask thoroughly with warm water and shampoo.

Mask with chemist's vitamins

Giving hair shine, improve growth and make them more elastic will help the following composition: take the yolk of one egg, according to 1 tsp. warm water, mustard powder, burdock oil, oil solutions of vitamins E and A. Mix the mask thoroughly and apply to damp hair. Wrap your head with a plastic wrap and a towel. Keep the mask should not more than 10-12 minutes. If you feel a burning sensation, you can wash it off earlier. You need to repeat the procedure 1 once a week. With regular use, a slight increase in the time of exposure of the composition to the hair is allowed.

Honey mask

The composition of honey includes a huge amount of vitamins needed to maintain health and beauty of hair. For cooking, take a raw yolk, 1-1.5 st.l. cognac and 1-2 tsp. liquid honey, slightly warmed on a water bath. Mask soak for half an hour and rinse with warm water.

Mint mask

This mask nourishes the hair, improves their growth and soothes the scalp. To make it, take 2 st.l. lemon juice, 4 tbsp. carrot juice and 1 a glass of mint broth. Stir the mask components and apply evenly to the hair. Wash off the remedy in 6-10 minutes.

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