We make masks for hands

We make masks for hands
There are norms and rules of communication of etiquette, vowels and secret. A woman or a man, regardless of gender, should look neatly manicured from the hairstyle to the tips of the marigolds. Manicure is always needed, since the hands "speak" all about a person.

The word "manicure" came to us from the Latin language, "manus" – hand, "cura" – care, which means hand care.
Manicure, this is not only care for the nails, but also procedures for the fingers, palms. Hands after the procedures become rested, soft, tender. After all, our hands are doing so much for us.

In our modern age, there are various types of manicure and spa procedures. In professional shops you can buy cleansing scrubs, all kinds of moisturizing cream salts. But you can prepare all these products at home, from the ingredients that we have at hand.

You need to take boiled potatoes, knead it well, add half a glass of green tea to it, and mix everything. The mask can be used twice a week.

Oat flakes "Hercules" 5 tablespoons of spoons to grind in a coffee grinder, add a few spoonfuls of black tea to make a gruel. Carefully rub and put on cotton gloves.

Well paraffin baths help to moisturize the skin of the hands. The skin becomes tender, velvety. Hands smear abundantly with a fat cream, paraffin wax on a water bath and brush well applied. We put plastic bags on our hands and wrap them in a towel for 20 minutes. We wash off and admire.

To make the nails look healthy, they need moisture, fat, if they do not get this balance, then the nail plate spoils, exfoliates. Therefore, you need to maintain the nails and hands with masks or cosmetics.

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