Water therapy for hair beauty

Water therapy for hair beauty
Mineral water is extracted from natural underground sources. It consists of dissolved salts, biologically active substances, microelements. Currently, mineral water is used in cosmetology, is part of the means for the skin of hair.
Moisturizes and strengthens

Mineralka tones, strengthens and moisturizes and scalp. The lack of trace elements leads to brittle, dull hair. With the help of mineral water, you can make up supplies of useful substances, and also activate metabolic processes, stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. Weakly mineralized water is better to use for normal and dry hair. And for those prone to fat content, water with a high salt content is suitable. Thanks to mineral water, the activity of the sebaceous glands is normalized, and the scalp will disappear. When using mineral water, the hair will stay fresh and clean for a longer time.

Mask and mineral rinse

Для ухода за волосами минеральную воду лучше всего использовать так: ополосните ею после мытья чистые волосы или добавьте в состав масок. Для ополаскивания нужна минералка без газа. Для этого минералку перелейте в кастрюлю и немного подогрейте. Такую процедуру можно повторять регулярно.

Возьмите на заметку рецепты domestic masks for hair with mineral water.

For normal hair, infusion of herbs. Grind the powder of thyme powder, take about 200 grams. Then pour half a liter of boiling mineral water, mix, cool and drain the resulting broth. Rub in clean hair. Hold the mask for a quarter of an hour, Do not forget to wrap your head with a towel. After the time has expired, wash the mask with cool water.

For thin hair, prepare a bread mask. A small amount of black bread mash to get a gruel, adding mineral water. Apply the mask to clean hair. Rinse the mask off with warm water after ten minutes.

For hair restoration, a gelatin mask will work. Mix three tablespoons of mineral water without gas with a teaspoon of gelatin. In a water bath, heat the mixture, the gelatin must be dissolved to the end. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice, according to 3 drops of lavender oil and vitamin A. Apply the mask to clean hair for 20 minutes. After that, wash the hair with shampoo.

Nut mask will make hair thick. Handful of pine nuts chop, add mineral water, stir until the mush. Cook the mixture in the oven for half an hour. Allow to cool, apply to washed hair. After half an hour you should wash off the mask.

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