Washcloth from sisal: features and properties

Washcloth from sisal: features and properties
Sisal is a coarse natural fiber, which is obtained from the leaves of the plant Agava sisolana. Washcloths of this material usually have a woven or knitted appearance. Sisal has a number of features, so use it carefully.

What do you need to know about sisal?

In the Russian market, sisal sponges appeared relatively recently. Now the sisal is again becoming popular, as mankind again began to give preference to natural natural materials. He is much tougher and coarser than loofah, and quickly enough raspolmachivaetsya in bast-mittens. Longer serve massage bands and large loaves. The degree of rigidity of the sisal product is usually determined by the fiber thickness and the weaving density.

What is the purpose of the sisal sponge?

Due to the rough structure sisal is great for massage. In addition, it is strong enough and will endure any loads, which makes it irreplaceable for bath procedures and lovers to steam. Washing in a bath with this washcloth will be useful and enjoyable.

Most often it is used to fight cellulite, exfoliate rough areas of the body and peeling. For the massage effect, you should choose a sponge with medium or large weave, and for a more sensitive skin, fibers of medium thickness and with less dense weave are fine. For susceptible to allergies, very sensitive, as well as tender baby skin sisal will not work.

Thanks to the use of this sponge, the metabolism is accelerated, the blood supply improves and the fat is quickly broken down, which gives good lymph drainage. After washing, the skin becomes smooth and supple.

In some cases, peeling with a coarse sponge from sisal can replace a scrub for the coarsened skin of feet, elbows and knees.

Specific features

Use sisal sponge can not be more often 2 once a week for the whole body and no more than 3 times for cellulite zones and problem areas. They are suitable for weekly massages, but in no case for every day.

Before proceeding to massage, a mitten or a sponge should be carefully and thoroughly soaked in water until soft. Use it very carefully, so as not to injure the skin.

A sponge from sisal is contraindicated to those who have inflammatory processes on their skin or many moles. Well, if you do not suffer from this and like hard and coarse washcloths, you can safely massage your entire body. This wonderful natural material will help you to save on scrubs and exfoliates for the body, it can be used for all the rough areas of the body. However, these washcloths do not give a plentiful foam.

From the advantages of sisal it is also possible to note a relatively low cost and a long service life.

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