Wash your hair with soap nuts

Wash your hair with soap nuts
Washing hair with soap nuts positively affects their quality. Hair becomes smooth and shiny, easy to fit, no longer falling out and starting to grow faster. The problem of frequent head washing is also solved.

You will need
  • – Mukorossi soap nuts 15 pieces
  • – water
  • – coffee grinder
Перемолите мыльные орехи в кофемолке.

Ореховый порошок переложите в стакан.

Stirring, gradually pour in hot water. While the consistency does not become, as at dense sour cream.

Allow the mixture to stand and cool for half an hour.

Wash hair without shampoo. Then apply the nut mixture and massage. Foam will be very little, it's normal.

Rinse with water, without balm.

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