Wands under the eyes: causes, methods of struggle

Wands under the eyes: causes, methods of struggle
Obesity under the eyes, of course, is a serious cosmetic defect, which spoils the aesthetic appearance of the face and causes a lot of problems. Therefore, you need to seek help from a specialist and solve the problem in one of the possible ways.

Causes of the appearance of adipocytes

The causes of the appearance of fatty glands under the eyes have not yet been fully studied. Some health workers associate their appearance with the presence of unusual cells that have been available since birth.

Zhirovik appears in connection with metabolic disorders, improper diet (especially with systematic overeating), but it can appear with a slim build, as a rule, this occurs when hormones in the body, diabetes, thyroid diseases, kidneys fail.

To the reasons it is possible to attribute and not enough a correct way of life, decrease in vital forces of an organism. This disease can also pass by inheritance, from parents to children.

Wands under the eyes are formed in women and men, regardless of age. However, most often suffer from this ailment of a man. First, when the formation is only beginning, its size is about two millimeters, but then they can reach several centimeters.

Treatment of adipocytes

At the beginning of the treatment, the wen-eye is examined in order to determine further actions. With the help of examination and palpation, the size of the wen and its progression is estimated. Treatment is appointed only after diagnosis and identify the causes of the appearance of tumors. If the cause is a disease of internal organs, malnutrition, then after treatment the lipomas themselves will quickly pass and leave no trace.

In modern cosmetology, there are a huge number of procedures for the removal of fatty glands, the best of which is laser (it is the safest and sparing, minimal risk of scarring and scarring on the face).

In case the neoplasm rapidly grows and has large dimensions, it brings pain sensations, and also affects vision, a decision is made to remove it surgically using local anesthesia.

Categorically, it is not recommended to puncture the body by yourself, squeezing out a fatty gland, as this can lead to infection and scar formation on the face.

There are many methods for eliminating fat. But first you need to determine the true cause of the disease and eradicate it, since if you treat only the cosmetic component of the skin, the adipes will appear again and again. The main thing is not to give up and not engage in self-medication, but as soon as possible go to the reception to a specialist.

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