Visually increase the incision of the eyes

Visually increase the incision of the eyes
There are women who are constantly not happy with what nature has given them. And the cut of the eyes of some girls does not suit you at all. But, fortunately, there are ways that will help fix this small flaw.

Eyebrow Correction

Вы постоянно твердите: “Хочу увеличить глаза”? Для начала необходимо поработать с бровями. Выщипывать их нужно так, чтобы внешние уголки были немного приподняты. Также хорошенько нужно убрать все волосинки в нижней части брови и в пространстве между вашими бровями. Увеличить разрез глаз можно с помощью косметики и правильного макияжа. Приобретите тени, которые послужат вам для увеличения разреза глаз. Старайтесь покупать и использовать тени только светлых цветов. Темные уменьшают глаза, а это вам совершенно не нужно. Также это касается темных карандашей, светлый цвет карандаша создаст более открытый взгляд и увеличит границы глаз. Вы легко сможете не только увеличить, но и удлинить глаза с помощью стрелок.

Как apply correctly makeup to increase the incision of the eyes?

To increase the size of the eyes in length, start applying makeup from the liner. The upper eyelid, along the line of growth of eyelashes, while the very eyeliner should extend beyond the outer corner of the eye. Also, the line of the liner can be raised slightly upward, creating so-called arrows. Then on the eyelid, you can apply shadows, but only the bed colors. On the upper eyelid, apply the shadows that you have chosen, in the interval under the eyebrows and the inner corner of the eye, apply shadows of white. Light brown shadows cover the upper part of the eye sockets. Use copper shades, they are still a bit closer to the beige color. Now you need to shade the shadows. Do this in the direction of the outer corner of the eye. Take a white pencil and draw a thin line on the inner eyelid, this visually enlarges the shape of the eye. Try to make a thin line, and you need to lead it close to the eyelashes.

Visual eye enlargement with using makeup eyelashes

First, take the tweezers and twist the eyelashes slightly. Use a powder and a soft brush to work on the eyelashes, and only then apply the mascara itself. Wait a little while the first layer of the carcass dries and reapply.
It's better to buy mascara that lengthens and emphasizes eyelashes, but you do not need to buy a lot of rich black mascara. Also, in exceptional cases, you can use false eyelashes. Make-up artists recommend girls more dye eyelashes на верхнем веке, а на нижние реснички нужно нанести тушь по минимуму.

You can use the following method. Apply to all the eyelid shadows, but only a natural shade. Well work the crease of the upper eyelid. Use darker shadows of a natural shade, then thoroughly shade them so that there are no obvious transitions. With these simple tips, you can visually increase the size of your eyes.

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