Video of health-improving procedures with the help of stone therapy (stones)

Video of health-improving procedures with the help of stone therapy (stones)
Stone therapy, or healing massage with stones is a unique healing procedure, which has virtually no analogues. It is based on the influence of contrasting temperatures on the nervous, endocrine, immune and cardiovascular systems of the human body. Stone therapy has come to us from the East, where it has existed for thousands of centuries. In ancient Mesopotamia, the healers placed stones on the body of the patient, warmed beforehand by the rays of the sun. Japanese monks used the properties of hot rock rocks, and American Indians believed that the stones are the result of the interaction of four elements: born by the earth, they in turn absorb the energy of the sun, water and wind, turning over time into a powerful source of cosmic energy.

The stones used in stone therapy have two colors: black and white. Black stones are a volcanic stone basalt. It is able to retain heat for a long time, therefore it is used as a warm stone in stone therapy. It is heated with hot water, heaters. White stones are pieces of cold marble. Stones for stone therapy are smooth and flat, so they do not slip off the body.

Massage with warm stones treats muscle pains, sciatica, pains in the legs and neck. Also, stone therapy is an excellent tool for diseases of colds. Nervous disorders, headaches, insomnia and digestive problems are also subject to stone therapy. But do not think that the treatment of stones is for everyone. Stone therapy has contraindications, including insensitivity to temperature, spinal injuries, pregnancy, diabetes mellitus, varicose veins.

The procedure is as follows: hot stones are laid out by a specialist on the back of a person. Then they decompose into chakras with the use of special techniques. The effect comes after a few minutes: the person relaxes, the breathing becomes deeper.

Массаж горячими камнями начинается со стоп. Затем специалист двигает теплые камни вверх по телу.

Some people this procedure causes a dream, others have a "flight", "nirvana" state.

After that, the master changes warm stones to cold ones. Contrast is repeated several times. There comes a stage when a person taking stone therapy ceases to distinguish between what kind of stones a specialist works with. At this point, the procedure comes to an end, the sensations are smoothed out. After the end you can drink a mug of tea from the herbs, relax 10-15 minutes to feel unusually vigorous and energetic.

Массаж горячими камнями поможет расслабить мышцы, ускорит обменные процессы в организме. В сочетании с холодными камнями в теле происходит сужение сосудов, капилляров кожи. Сеанс стоун-терапии подарит телу бодрость, а душе-равновесие и гармонию.

Эффект достигается за счет того, что ко всем тканям человеческого организма начинает поступать больше кислорода. Клетки работают активнее и кровь начинает уносить токсины и шлаки.

It is advisable to hold a session of stone therapy with candles, using an aroma lamp in combination with a relaxation melody. Stone massage lasts from 50 minutes to one and a half to two hours. About your decision to take stone therapy, you should consult your doctor.

Stone therapy should be carried out by specially trained masters in medical centers. However, at home you can make yourself a simplified version of massage yourself. To do this, clamp in the palms of the stones of jasper or amber. Move your hands clockwise at a slow rate of 20-30 minutes. It will calm your nerves well. If you apply a little effort and pressure, increase the tempo, this will help bring the body into tone. Be healthy!

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