Video instructions for gluing false eyelashes

Video instructions for gluing false eyelashes
False eyelashes are suitable for both day and evening make-up. There are bunches and fringes of various lengths and colors on sale. Choose the most suitable option and learn how to attach your eyelashes yourself. Having mastered the process, you will spend only a few minutes on eye make-up. Decide which eyelashes will suit you. Beam is ideal for creating a natural image. They are fastened to the upper eyelid between their own eyelashes. By gluing several beams at the outer corners of the eyelids, you make the eyes visually larger and strengthen their expressiveness.

Eyelashes in the form of fringe are indispensable for evening make-up. They give the look of mystery, well combined with sequins, unusual shadows and other components of holiday make-up. There are both natural and unusual avant-garde eyelashes: multicolored, shiny, exaggeratedly long, decorated with rhinestones or patterns.

In addition to eyelashes, you will need glue to fix them. It can be included in the kit or sold separately. It is best to use white glue, which after drying becomes transparent and completely invisible. Prepare a magnifying mirror, with which you can attach the eyelashes neatly and symmetrically.

Set the mirror in a well-lit place. Take out the fringe of the eyelashes from the package, apply a few drops of glue on the thread to which the hairs are attached. Firmly press fringe to the eyelid, as close as possible to the roots of your eyelashes. Fringe should lie directly on top of them. Press it with your fingers or a pen and hold it for a few seconds.

Перед приклеиванием примерьте ресницы, приложив их к веку. Слишком длинную бахрому укоротите ножницами.

When attaching eyelashes, make sure they look symmetrical. If the fringe is stuck unevenly, gently pull the hairs, unfasten the strip, re-apply glue and repeat the process.

Eyelash lashes are attached differently. Tweezers with flat tips take the bundles, put a drop of glue on the base of each and apply eyelashes to the eyelid. Press the bottom of the beam with the back of the brush and hold 5-10 seconds in this position. Start from the outer corner, gradually moving towards the middle of the century. To lashes look natural, it is enough to attach two or three beams to each eye. For glamor effect, glue 5-6 beams of different lengths. The largest glue at the outer corners of the eyes, shorter ones are closer to the inner corners.

If desired, artificial eyelashes can be glued to the lower eyelid. This make-up is suitable for thematic retro parties.

After attaching the eyelashes, slide your fingers over them. Correctly pasted пучки и бахрома не отклеятся. Место крепления замаскируйте кремовой, гелевой или жидкой подводкой. Аккуратно проведите умеренно широкую линию мягкой кистью и дайте подводке зафиксироваться. При желании искусственные ресницы можно накрасить тушью или нанести на них блестки.

Before removing make-up, remove eyelashes. Remove the fringe by pulling the corner. While holding the eyelid with your fingers, gently uncover the eyelashes, remove the remains of make-up and glue from them with a mild means for make-up remover. Place the fringe in the box, and attach the bundles by dripping some glue on their base. In the package, eyelashes do not dust and do not deteriorate, with careful care they can be used for several months and even years.

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