Video creation of the hairdress "Shishka"

Video creation of the hairdress "Shishka"
"Shishka" is an uncomplicated styling for any type of hair. Often it is associated with a home hairstyle, which can be done in a few minutes. However, there are a lot more options for "cone". Hairdressers know that the "cone" has many combinations: a normal bundle, a bun with a fleece, a "bump" on the side or sides, on the back of the head, and so on. Retro-style today in fashion and in clothing, and in make-up, and in hairstyles, so that "cone" – a stylish and relevant styling in our time. This hairstyle is very feminine, and always to the point. It is not difficult to make it even when there is not enough time left. It fits almost any type of face and any age.

How easy is it to make a "lump" for an evening out? Gently gather the hair on the back of the head and twist the tourniquet around its axis. Pin up the hair with decorative hairpins, and your holiday styling is ready.

Основа данной прически – обычный пучок, который чаще всего скручивается жгутом и перетягивается резинкой или закалывается шпильками.

If you want something unusual, you can make a "bump" not from twisted hair, but from a braid. The scheme is the same, braid the braid on the back of the head and wrap it around its axis. From above you can put a hair net for hair or use interesting hair clips.

If your hair is straight and thin, try to curl them in curls from the roots and then build a "lump". Curls will add volume and splendor. If you release a few ringlets that will make your face look, the image will turn out to be more feminine.

For evening styling, you can make a "bump" with the original rims. To do this, apply mousse or foam to the wet damp hair with a volume effect. Dry your hair, and do not tighten them, gather a high pony tail. For greater splendor, you can slightly scratch your hair with your forehead. Slightly casually wrap the hair around the gum, and hide the tail under it. Secure your hair with invisible hair and hairspray. Put on a beautiful bezel, or maybe two. Also it is possible to decorate a hairdress with a hairpin in the form of a bow – it looks very feminine. You can slaughter a bow under or in front of "cone". To create a retro image, you can wrap a "shishka" around a bright shawl.

You can decorate the "bump" not only with accessories, but also make original ribbons from your own hair. When you stab the bundle, leave the two strands free. Of these, you can braid the pigtails, which then need to be wrapped around the "bumps". Depending on the thickness of the braid, your styling will look different. Wrap the ends of the braids under the elastic band so that they are not visible. Do not forget to fix your creation with a strong fixation lacquer.

To small girls it is possible to make a direct parting and to build from hvostikov two "shishki". Decorate this hairstyle with hairpins with rhinestones, flowers or bows. A little princess will love it!

Now in the shops are often sold foam rollers for "cones". They are oval, round and long, which can be folded into a circle. They are very convenient to use if your hair is not long enough. Fix the roller on top of the rubber band and gently mask it with hair, wrapping them around the roller and hiding the ends. The more it is – the more voluminous it will turn out to be a "bump".

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