Video and photo lessons of laying curly hair

Video and photo lessons of laying curly hair
In ancient Greece, the owners of curly hair were considered governors of the gods. Not casually all inhabitants of Olympus on pictures are represented with a wavy head of hear. In the Middle Ages, representatives of the nobility wound their hair in various ways to emphasize their position in society. Curly hair makes the image unusually feminine, mysterious. To curls looked really attractive, you need to correctly arrange your hair.

Curly hair, as a rule, is quite dry. They require special care. After washing your head with shampoo, you should use a moisturizing balm or a nourishing mask. After washing off the cosmetic earwax, you need to dry your hair with a towel and apply foam or mousse for styling. In the tips of hair you can rub the agent with silicones.

It is advisable to use products for styling, which are designed specifically for curly hair. They include components that help fix the curls.

Do not use too much foam or mousse. It will only make your hair more heavy. For styling of medium length, you need a small ball of foam as large as a walnut. It is advisable to use thermal protection agents that protect the hair from damage while laying them with a hair dryer.

To create the effect of wet hair, you can apply a special gel for styling on them. Hair from curls can easily be done with a hair dryer with a diffuser nozzle. It should be alternately dry the strands, crushing them with their hands. In this case, the air stream should be directed strictly in the direction of hair growth.

Using a hot air jet, you can very quickly dry your hair. But this procedure very much spoils their structure, so for regular installation it is better to use the function of supplying cold air.

To create elegant curls, you can lay your hair with a hair dryer and a round brush. You can also use a hairdryer with a special round nozzle. Penka needs to be spread over the entire length of the hair, then divide them into strands and alternately dry, winding each strand on the brush. To straighten the hair at the roots, you should stretch the curls with a round brush, winding only the tips on it. This kind of styling is perfect for chubby women.

Owners of elongated face shape should try to create a radical volume. To do this, the roots of washed and lightly dried hair need to apply a little special styling products, then dry the head with a blower with a diffuser nozzle. With this device for styling it is very easy to create a dizzying volume.

После того как кудри будут сформированы, допустимо украсить прическу нарядной лентой, ободком. Также можно отделить передние пряди, скрутить их жгутом и заколоть назад. Такой вариант укладки отлично подходит для создания романтичного образа.
Ready hair can be slightly sprinkled with varnish.

To lay unruly curly hair can be and without the aid of a hair dryer. To create a very feminine hairstyle, you need to wash your head, apply mousse or foam on your hair, then tie a thin handkerchief round your head. When the hair is dry, the handkerchief can be removed, spread the curls with your fingers and dry the curls in natural conditions.

Для того чтобы прическа из кудрявых волос смотрелась привлекательно, важно выбрать правильную стрижку. В данном случае наиболее предпочтительна ступенчатая стрижка, при создании которой кудряшки смотрятся очень выразительно.

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