Using the Eye Corrector

Using the Eye Corrector
With the help of a corrector, you can mask certain defects, give your face a healthy and radiant appearance. Especially relevant is its use for the eye area. It is she who often needs correction. Corrector is a cosmetic product designed to mask small skin defects, giving it a certain shade. Without this remedy, it's hard to imagine the quality of eye makeup.

The skin under the eyes is thin enough. There are practically no sebaceous glands on this site. That is why it is often dry, small wrinkles appear early on it. Blood vessels are located very close to its surface, so very often the skin under the eyes is reddish or even bluish. It does not look very aesthetic. Without correcting these deficiencies, it is very difficult to create a really effective make-up.

The bluish shade of the skin under the eyes may indicate a number of serious diseases. Most often this is due to the malfunctioning of the cardiovascular system.

Некоторые женщины путают понятие корректора и консилера. На самом деле эти косметические продукты похожи, но в то же время они различаются по своему назначению. Консилер представляет из себя разновидность тонального крема. Его необходимо наносить под глаза и точечно на некоторые участки лица. Он выравнивает тон кожи, маскирует определенные недостатки.

The corrector is designed directly for masking some skin defects, adjusting its hue. For example, a bluish or reddish hue under the eyes can visually approximate the body with a cosmetic product of a yellowish tone.

Перед тем как наносить корректор или консилер, нужно тщательно очистить кожу лица и век, увлажнить ее.

To care for the delicate skin of the eyelids, it is better to use special eye cream. Such cosmetic products nourish it and partially eliminate swelling.

Next, you need to decide what kind of problem you need to solve. In the presence of blue circles under the eyes should be used corrector yellowish hue. It must be applied under the eyes strictly on the massage lines. Yellow spots can be masked with a cosmetic product of a pinkish tone.

Distribute the product on the skin is best pads of fingers. Do not stretch it. It is preferable to apply the corrector by patting movements, driving the agent into the skin. It is important not to overdo it with its quantity. It should not be visible on the face.

Если кожа под глазами имеет темный оттенок, что отличает ее по тону от всех остальных участков на лице, необходимо использовать корректор или консилер светлого оттенка. Применение таких косметических продуктов позволит высветлить кожу под глазами, придать взгляду выразительность, а лицу свежий, отдохнувший вид.

The scheme of non-lighting of a light tonal means is similar to that of a color corrector. Mask imperfections can be not only under the eyes, but also on other areas of the face. For example, using a color corrector can make less visible point inflammatory elements.

When choosing a corrector in the store, liquid products should be preferred. They are packed in special tubes with dispensers. Liquid proofers and concealers are much more convenient to apply to the delicate skin under the eyes. Means in the form of a pencil or stick are more suitable for masking inflammatory elements on the face.

It is desirable that the product contains tiny pearlescent particles. They disperse the light, so that the flaws become less noticeable. After applying the corrector or concealer, you can safely start applying eye shadow, mascara.

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