Useful rules that will help you stay young at any age!

Useful rules that will help you stay young at any age!
Every woman dreams of being young and attractive as long as possible. This is an absolutely normal desire, but sometimes, whatever we do, we still can not stop or at least slow down the aging process of the skin. However, scientists and cosmetologists have already found the means by which the aging process of cells significantly slows down, thereby helping a woman to remain young and beautiful.

What are these means, and how to apply them correctly? The answers to the questions you are interested in are in this article. The rules by which you can delay the aging of the body:

  • Rule number 1. Try to carefully monitor digestion. Your intestines should always work like clockwork, so you have to make sure that it is as rare as possible "crashing". You can not allow the occurrence of constipation, because they cause poisoning of the whole body. That's why you need to eat more vegetables, especially beetroot and pumpkin. Such fruits as apple, quince, plums, apricots, peaches and nectarines also contribute to the cleansing of the body of toxins, so they need to eat regularly and in large quantities.

To the skin has always been smooth and elastic, you need to remember the daily rate of drinking water. For an adult, this rate should be at least half a liter, this will help to remove toxins through the skin pores.

  • Rule number 2. Pay proper attention to sleep and rest. A healthy and high-grade sleep improves metabolism and promotes the rapid regeneration of cells. This helps to improve the color and firmness of the skin, saturate it with oxygen, and this is a great way to improve her condition.
  • Rule number 3. Fresh air is your best friend! In principle, this is for no one is a secret. During walks, oxygen circulation in cells and vessels improves, which has a positive effect on all organs without exception. The skin is also renewed, saturated with useful substances and, accordingly, rejuvenates, and this is your main goal.
  • Rule number 4. Do not forget about vitamins! The benefits of vitamins and their role in a person's life should not be mentioned once again, since everyone knows about this, and even children. The only thing to note is that in the cold season they should not be looked for in the store vegetables and fruits grown in greenhouses, but in dried fruits. From them you can cook delicious and useful things: compotes, kissels, teas. You can also use them in a natural way – they are very tasty and saturated with all vitamins and trace elements, which will help you to cleanse the body and improve the skin condition.


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