Useful properties of toothpaste without fluoride

Useful properties of toothpaste without fluoride
Зубные пасты без фтора в последние годы становятся все более популярыми. Но вот о том, действительно ли они полезнее обычных, многие спорят. Ведь фтор – далеко не единственное вредное для организма вещество в зубной пасте. Да и ассортимент паст без фтора сегодня достаточно большой.
Зубная паста без фтора должна обладать всеми качествами идеального средства для чистки зубов и десен: удалять все виды налета, препятствовать нарастанию камня, очищать эмаль, заживлять десна. Универсального средства здесь быть не может. Ведь каждая паста отвечает за что-то свое. Есть травяные – успокаивающие десна, есть просто отбеливающие, избавляющие от никотинового налета или кофейного, заживляющие. Выбор определенного вида пасты будет зависеть исключительно от потребностей.

Toothpastes most often contain fluoride. It is quite a harmful element, which harms the whole organism. After fluorides (fluorine compounds in paste with other elements) can even cause changes in the structure of the brain tissue.

How did they fight against the plaque on the teeth before toothpastes appeared? After all, before our ancestors, not using toothpastes, and even more so compounds such as fluorides, achieved whiteness of teeth with improvised means. For this, we used herbal and paste infusions, consisting only of ground herbs and roots, less often used for chipping teeth was chopped chalk. Until now, in quality pastes without fluorine, if you examine the composition, you can find components such as bark of oak, extract of ginger, garden peppermint. And this is not surprising, because with the use of these plants, you can achieve tooth whitening, pleasant odor and without fluoride compounds. If you mix the above ingredients in the correct proportion, you will get a real, natural tooth powder without fluoride. These drugs are sold in a pharmacy and are so democratic that you will really be amazed.

How to choose the right paste without fluoride? To choose such a paste is best in the pharmacy or consult with your dentist. It is this expert that will help you pick the paste perfectly for your teeth. Most often, such toothpastes are referred to the category of dietary supplements, and this is not surprising, because such a tool, first of all – therapeutic and preventive, and not just cosmetic. Tooth-paste without fluoride should contain other active substances, which are the most diverse herbs, plants and extracts from them.

To paste without fluorine brought the expected benefits, it should be properly used. First, apply it to your teeth and gums and wait a minute. And only after a minute, start the usual cleaning.

Some pasta without fluorine has recently begun to include various products of beekeeping. It can be propolis, pollen, and royal jelly. In this case, everything depends only on the indications for use. There are also more exotic elements: placenta, silicon dioxide, calcium carbonate, etc. Do not choose too oversaturated components of the paste. Even on the basis of one active element, the paste without fluorine will be no worse than the more expensive one, with additives unknown to you. Well, the correct paste should be selected and a high-quality brush for cleaning. After all, the effectiveness of the paste depends largely on the correctness and duration of cleaning.

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