Useful combination for hair: kefir and eggs

Useful combination for hair: kefir and eggs
Kefir masks are suitable for any type of hair – this is the main feature of this effective tool. Kefir is able to strengthen hair rods, accelerate growth, nourish the hair with the necessary vitamins. And if you use kefir in tandem with chicken eggs, then the mask will be even more effective! And most importantly – to make such a mask is very simple, and the procedure for its application is easy.


For cold weather

Take one egg yolk and mash it with whites, mix with two tablespoons of cocoa, pour half a glass of kefir. Apply the mask for half an hour. If you are a brunette, then rinse out the composition with an intoxicating broth, and blondes can be advised to rinse it with chamomile broth.

Such a mask is an ideal remedy for the cold season. By the way, if desired, cocoa can be replaced with dark chocolate. In this case, it is required to first melt in a water bath. Suitable for all types of hair.

For all

Расплавьте три ложки меда на водяной бане, добавьте три перепелиных яйца, влейте полстакана кефира. Тщательно перемешайте, держите состав на волосах в течение двух часов. Маска подойдет для любых волос, но особенно хороша она для сухих – волосы сразу становятся приятнее на ощупь, приобретают здоровый блеск!

Dry hair

Смешайте немного кефира с ложки репейного масли и одним куриным яйцом. Масло вы можете заменить и оливковым, касторовым, жожоба или миндальным – тут решайте сами. Держите на волосах два-три часа.

The product is ideal for dry and brittle hair – they immediately seem to come to life after the first application! But it's better to repeat the procedure every week!

It's important

Even if you carefully wash off the masks, which contain eggs, from the hair, a bad odor may remain. If you are faced with such a disaster, then just rinse your hair with water, with the addition of fresh lemon juice.

It's so easy to make useful masks for your curls – pamper them with the necessary vitamins and minerals! The result will be beautiful healthy strands!

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