Use mesotherapy for hair treatment. Results and Feedback

Use mesotherapy for hair treatment. Results and Feedback
Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that enriches the body with vitamins and minerals that have been lost as a result of stress or aging. The main tool of mesotherapy is the injection of medicinal and homeopathic medicines, vitamins and plant extracts. Using the technique on the hair can completely stop hair loss and accelerate hair growth. The first results, namely, the cessation of loss, are observed after the fifth procedure, three more procedures I start the process of intensive growth. High results can be achieved through the awakening of hair bulbs, injected components (cocktails) improves blood circulation, stimulates the hair follicle, strengthens the hair fibers.

Mesotherapy at the dawn of its introduction was used in rheumatology, sports traumatology, as well as in the treatment of vascular and infectious diseases. The authorship of the method belongs to the French doctor Michel Pistor.

Cocktails for injections consist of vitamins of group B, amino acids, zinc and a number of additional components. Allopathic cocktails give a quicker result than homeopathic ones, but if you consider the issue of its duration and severity, then the palm tree will, of course, belong to homeopathy.

The advantage of this method of treating hair loss is that useful components are injected directly into the area of ??the lesion. Other methods of treatment used in cosmetology do not allow substances to penetrate so deeply into the skin. In most cases, mesotherapy of hair is carried out not only on the scalp, but also in the neck, as the problems of the cervical region entail a violation of the supply of oxygen to the hair.

Positive reviews mesotherapy was received from clients who suffered from androgenic and focal alopecia, early hair loss, seborrhea, dandruff, itchy scalp. In addition, after the course of the procedure, patients forgot about the look of split, lifeless and thin hair.

Mesotherapy does not have age restrictions and is perfectly combined with other cosmetic procedures.

Before taking a decision on mesotherapy, pay attention to the list of contraindications, including individual intolerance and allergic reaction to cocktail components, diabetes, oncological diseases, cholelithiasis, epilepsy, active bacterial, viral and fungal infections. For a while to postpone the procedure will have pregnant and lactating women.

An important advantage of the procedure, according to the patients, is painlessness. For the introduction of a vitamin cocktail use a special gun for mesotherapy, a tiny sterile needle located at its end, injects the solution into the skin. The solution is introduced to a depth of 2-3 mm every 1,5-2 cm. Finally, the skin is treated with 70% ethyl alcohol.

Each session takes no more than half an hour. The entire course of mesotherapy is divided as follows: the first four procedures are 1 once a week, the last four procedures are 1 once every two weeks. Then once a month. The most optimal time for conducting April — май или сентябрь — октябрь, в это время отсутствует активное солнце, которое вредно в первые дни после процедуры.

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