Ultrasonic liposuction will defeat cellulite

Ultrasonic liposuction will defeat cellulite
Unfortunately, very few women can boast of the absence of such a problem as cellulite. In order to get rid of it, a lot of money is offered. Nevertheless, the efficiency of the main part of them leaves much to be desired. Such a method of struggle, as ultrasonic liposuction, began to be used in aesthetic medicine not so long ago, nevertheless, it has already quite deservedly gained popularity. Let us dwell on it in more detail. Ultrasonic liposuction affects fat cells by means of ultrasonic waves. As a result of this action, the cell membrane is damaged and the cell is destroyed. Fat becomes liquid and leaves the body naturally.

You can achieve a faster and more lasting effect if liposuction of this kind is combined with such procedures as massage, wraps, pressotherapy. Thanks to this procedure, they disappear fat folds on the abdomen and hips, and the skin becomes more smooth and taut.

It is important to note that ultrasonic liposuction is an absolutely painless procedure. Its duration is about 30 minutes. For each session, one zone is processed, in which there is a problem. For each part of the body that requires correction, it is necessary about 3-4 sessions.

В обязанности врача входит подбор необходимой программы, установка ее на ультразвуковом аппарате, обработка кожи клиентки гелем, и непосредственно проведение процедуры. Результат виден почти сразу. Вес начинает постепенно снижаться, а контуры – становиться более четкими.

В число преимуществ процедуры входит возможность воздействовать на определенные участки тела. Другими словами, с ее помощью вы сможете подтянуть бедра, сделать живот более плоским и так далее. То есть, сформировать именно те пропорции тела, которые вы сами для себя хотите.

Note that after liposuction of this species, you will not face the problem of flabbiness of the skin or its "sagging", so kakkultrazuk affects not only fat, but also the skin itself.

This procedure has a long lasting effect, it slows down the accumulation of fat and prevents the development of secondary cellulite. However, special diet and fluid intake should be followed. In addition, it is important in the future to maintain a balanced diet and do not forget about physical exertion. In this case, you say goodbye to the problem of cellulite forever.

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