Types of wraps at home: reviews and recommendations

Types of wraps at home: reviews and recommendations
The great power of wraps was known even in the time of Cleopatra. Ancient Egyptian queen used for this purpose extracted from the bottom of the river Nile il. Applying it to the skin and wrapping in dense matter, Cleopatra emerged into the sun. After such procedures, her skin became elastic and elastic, and body volumes decreased somewhat. Wraps – a cosmetic method of maintaining the skin of the body in excellent condition, known since ancient times. It consists in creating a greenhouse effect in the problem zones of the body with the help of a special film, which in turn speeds up blood circulation and enhances the activity of sweat and sebaceous glands. The result is the removal of toxins, oxygen saturation of the skin, moisturizing. In addition, the procedure has a soothing, general health, tonic effect on the entire body.

Обертывания широко применяются для борьбы с целлюлитом, для уменьшения растяжек, повышения тонуса кожи.

Wrapping options performed today in beauty salons are: hot, cold, contrast, chocolate, honey, mustard, fruit and many others. Most of them, with some changes, can be carried out at home conditions.

Honey wraps

Используются чаще всего с целью похудения. Также они хорошо питают и увлажняют кожу. Для проведения процедуры потребуется разогретый мед нанести на нужные участки, а затем обернуть их пленкой. Выдержать в течение 40 мин. Нужно отметить, что этим видом обертываний не стоит злоупотреблять – 2-3 раза в неделю будет вполне достаточно.

To enhance the effect of honey wrapping, you can add to it biological natural ingredients, such as, for example, citrus or pine essential oils.

Herbal wraps

Have a rejuvenating effect. In this case, toxins and excess fluid are eliminated from the body. For the procedure most commonly used are sage, chamomile, calendula, green tea. 100-200 g one of the herbs pour 1 l of hot water and let it brew. Add to the liquid 3 st.l. of natural honey. Cotton cloth soak in a mixture and put on the desired area of ??the body, on top wrap around the film. Wrap the wrap for 45 minutes.


One of the most popular methods of wrapping. It allows you to improve the metabolism, reduce the appearance of cellulite, moisturize the skin. 100 g algae (kelp, sea kale) pour boiling water, wait until they swell and drain excess liquid. You can add honey or spices. When everything is ready, you need to carefully apply the algae to the problem areas, wrap around the film and hold about 40 min.

Обертывание глиной

Often used to lose weight. It saturates the skin with oxygen, removes toxins and toxins, deeply cleanses the skin, which affects its general condition. Clay is diluted with warm water and applied to problem areas of the body, the film is wound on top. After 20-30, the mines are washed off with warm water.

And, finally, one of the most pleasant wraps is chocolate. Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, reduces fat deposits, improves blood circulation. And, in addition, it has antidepressant properties.

The real bitter chocolate (cocoa beans must contain at least 50%) melt to the density of sour cream and apply to the skin. Wrap the film over the top. You can also use cocoa powder, diluted with slightly warmed milk.

Before applying the wrapping compositions, always thoroughly clean the skin, for example, using a body scrub. After, dry with a towel, a uniform thick layer, you need to distribute the mask on the right parts of the body, close them with food film, wrapping it in a spiral. The winding should be quite tight and in several layers.

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