Types of physique of men

Types of physique of men
Men from birth have different physical characteristics that determine the type of physique. The figure depends on the bone structure of the body and the amount of muscle. In order to change the type of the figure, it is necessary to remove the fat in one place and build up the muscles in the other. The type of figure is also associated with the characteristics of the character.
Depending on the physical characteristics man's the figure is divided into the following types: ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs. Each species has unique external features and character traits.


Men-ectomorphs (asthenic type) have elongated limbs, narrow shoulders, elongated neck and thorax. Growth is usually much higher than average. Men of this type are lucky: they have almost no fat deposits, but muscles are also weakly developed. In another way, these are tall and thin people without a particularly developed musculature.

Such people are quite reserved and unsociable, but they reflect, fantasize, and inside they are very vulnerable. By nature, they are cold and powerful people, prone to aggression. In order to understand these men, you need to make friends with them and earn their trust.


Representatives of endomorphs (picnic type) have low growth, squat, but they have a massive body and a powerful but short neck and short legs and arms. This type is inclined to completeness and quick set of excess weight, they have a highly developed fatty layer.

Endomorphs are very sociable and friendly men, distinguished by kindness and sometimes by excessive carelessness. They are not inclined to conflicts and squabbles, they try to smooth misunderstandings and strive to maintain good relations with all the people around them. They have many friends and like-minded people, since it is very easy to find a common language with them and continue to communicate. Endomorphs do not experience difficult stressful situations.


Representatives of the third type of physique are mesomorphs (athletic type). They have very broad shoulders, strong skeleton, well-developed musculature, fatty tissue is present in moderate amounts.

Men of this type have a strong athletic figure, well built. Slopes to great physical activity, often professionally engaged in sports. By nature, they are active, energetic and confident in themselves and their actions. At the same time the thinking of such men is often stereotyped, they are not slanted to fantasy and sentimentality. The least affected by stress. Mesomorphs are recognized leaders who seek to dominate and govern.

However, in pure form, the listed types of physique are rare. Each man is unique, combines in his figure and character traits of three types.

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