Types of depilation

Types of depilation
Women have always striven for perfectly smooth skin. Depilation does not get rid of hair forever, but only for a more or less long period. But of all kinds, you can choose what is right for you.

Depilation is the removal of hair from the surface of the skin, without destroying the hair bulb, for a relatively short period of time.

Wax depilation

Hair removal occurs with cold or hot wax. Cold, as a rule, is used for less sensitive zones: hands, feet. Hot – for sensitive: face, underarms, deep bikini.

Depilation with cold wax does not require special skills, and it's fairly easy to do it yourself at home conditions, but "hot" wax depilation is better to entrust to the masters in specialized salons. The fact is that there are many subtleties here – the kind of wax, the temperature to which the wax is heated, the thickness of the layer, the technique of application. With wax depilation hair removal occurs against their growth. Then the skin is treated with a special composition and baby powder. A slight irritation may persist for several hours.

With wax depilation of sensitive areas, the pain sensations are quite strong, they depend on the pain threshold, the psychological mood and the correct technique of the procedure. But with each procedure they become smaller.

Many after wax depilation encounter the problem of hair ingrowth. To prevent this from happening, you need to regularly do the peeling and use moisturizers.

Sugar depilation, or shugaring

According to some reports, this kind of depilation came up in ancient Egypt. But in the beauty salons, this procedure appeared relatively recently. Hair removal is done with sugar paste. Unlike wax, with sugar depilation hair is removed by its growth. It is believed that this leads to less ingrowth of hair and less traumatizes the skin. Often in advertising, you can read that shugaring – the procedure is absolutely painless, but, unfortunately, this is not so. Painful sensations are present, especially in sensitive areas. The irritation after the slouching is minimal, the possibility of an allergic reaction is also minimal.

Depilation with silk threads

This kind of depilation, we owe the eastern women, who thus achieve the effect of silk skin. Its essence is simple – the thread is formed in the form of a figure eight and moves with two hands, due to which a loop is formed, which captures and tears out the hair with the root. Such depilation is most conveniently done on large surfaces – arms, legs. But with a special skill you can and in other areas. In salons depilation with filaments is much less common than other species.

Chemical Depilation

It is carried out with the help of a special depilatory cream, which partially dissolves the hair, acting on its keratin structure. The cream is applied to the surface of the skin and hair, aged for some time and then washed off. This procedure is very simple and can easily be carried out independently in Home conditions. By cons are a sharp unpleasant odor and possible allergic reactions. In addition, the cream can not be used to remove hair in the zone of a deep bikini.

If you do any of the procedures for the first time, you need to know about the presence of contraindications. Usually the master in the beauty salon talks about this in detail.

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