Types and features of man's manicure

Types and features of man's manicure
Мужской маникюр сделает руки красивыми, опрятными и поможет избежать появления грибка. Салонные или домашние процедуры для представителей сильного пола различаются по видам обработки ногтей и кожи.

Маникюр для представителей сильного пола имеет существенные differences from caring for women's hands. It is worth thinking about why girls visit masters of manicure? More often services of experts for women are an opportunity to try new design, an interesting color of a varnish. While men just need to bring their nails and hands in order, maintain their aesthetics, hygiene.

Manicure for man – features

Traditionally, the procedure for cleaning male nails takes more time than a woman's manicure. After all, the nail plate of the stronger sex is thicker, denser, the skin on the arms is coarser.

Usually, guys prefer to give up any design delights. Male manicure has a strictly practical need – to make nails look neat, but at the same time and naturally. When working on the hands, the aim is also to soften the skin. The master can offer to remove the coarsened skin, calluses.

Работа мастера при выполнении классического маникюра для мужчин включает несколько обязательных этапов:

Cuticle treatment.

Modeling the shape of the nail plate.

·         Полировка ногтей.

· Removal of burrs.

Hand massage using nutritious, emollients.

·         Нанесение защитного бесцветного покрытия.

Types of manicure – what to choose

The most popular types of hand care for men are:

·         Европейский маникюр. Самая востребованная процедура the guys. It is especially common, because it implies painlessness, safety. An important advantage of this kind is that with regular visits to the master cuticle will always look well-groomed. And the cuticle with this procedure is not removed with scissors, it is only softened with the help of fruit acids, and then pushed. The European manicure for men also includes the use of nutrient oils for the base of the nail.

·         Классический мужской маникюр сводится к соблюдению гигиеничности. Это направление может поспорить по популярности с европейским уходом. Классика еще называется хирургическим, обрезным маникюром. Но у мужчин такая процедура менее востребована, нежели у женщин. Это связано с тем, что при обработке рук кутикула удаляется ножницами. Обрезной маникюр может приводить к болевым ощущениям, травмам.

· Hardware manicure is also common in men. For its carrying out special devices with various nozzles are used. This is a gentle technology, with which you can soften the coarsened skin, finish the nail plate to perfection, grind it well.

To care for the nails representatives of the strong half of humanity is best to contact specialists. Especially if they maintain the beauty of their hands only periodically – for example, to a certain celebration. A competently conducted manicure will help you feel confident in any situation.


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