Tsindol – an assistant in the fight against acne

Tsindol - an assistant in the fight against acne
Every woman, of course, wants to look irresistible everywhere and always. An integral part of the beautiful look is clean, healthy skin. Often achieve the desired appearance prevent acne and acne. Fortunately, to help out representatives of the charming sex is always ready faithful assistant – a cindol, which is easy to find in most pharmacies, at a relatively small price.

Tsindol is a dermatoprotective agent. It is a light suspension that is easily applied with a cotton swab.

What is in the composition of zindol?

The substance due to which the zincol and has its amazing effect is zinc oxide. As auxiliary substances in the cindol include:

  • talc;
  • potato starch;
  • glycerol (glycerol);
  • ethanol;
  • purified water.

How does the cindol?

Due to the aforementioned zinc oxide, the cindol has antibacterial and drying properties. Penetrating into tissues, the cindole destroys harmful microorganisms in them, due to the ability of zinc oxide to denature proteins. Thus, he stops the flow of inflammatory processes. In addition, the cindol produces a preventive effect, preventing the appearance of new acne. Another useful property of zincol is the ability to form a protective film on the surface of the pimple. Due to this, the skin becomes protected from penetration of bacteria, its protective function is increased.

Tips for using zindola

Before use, the bottle must be shaken well. Apply the drug on the skin with a thin layer of cotton swab. Do not rub it. Apply to affected areas three times. If necessary, you can bring this figure to 6.

Tsindol or "zinc bolt" is an affordable, and most importantly effective, remedy for such unwanted rashes. The result from the application will become noticeable very quickly.

I would like to add that the cindol is used not only for acne and acne, but also for the following skin health problems: scratches, wounds, cuts, bedsores, diaper rashes, dermatitis, streptoderma, herpes rashes, eczema, skin ulcers, etc.

Women, once faced with the problem of rashes on the skin, and resorting to the described drug, forever add it to their home pharmacy. Still would! Magic suspension helps to get rid of skin imperfections without too much expense for expensive cosmetics and not all available cosmetic procedures.

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