Truthful and fictional facts about clothing with the effect of a sauna: corrective shorts

Truthful and fictional facts about clothing with the effect of a sauna: corrective shorts
In the era of lean models and actresses, fashion dictates that being "in the body" is a bad form. Ordinary women, whose body is not related to their profession, yet often want to lose weight. But not everyone can afford an individual fitness trainer and nutritionist, so many townsfolk use the means for lazy ones – special thermoshorts. Like any product for "lazy" weight loss, shorts have their advantages and disadvantages. When buying such a form, doctors are urged to identify all possible contraindications.

It's worth starting with truthful facts. First, the figure correction will really go faster if you wear thermo shorts. Such clothes are made of synthetic fabric – neoprene, which creates the effect of a sauna. Thus, shorts help to remove slags and toxins from the body.

Secondly, with the help of this sport form you can get rid of cellulite, naturally, if you use additional cosmetic care. Wearing thermoshort increases the temperature in the tissues, causing the body to sweat intensely, not only releasing, but also absorbing substances, for example, the active ingredients of the cream from the "orange peel". Therefore, the use of anti-cellulite products and thermoshort in tandem gives an optimal result.

Шорты для похудения обеспечивают эффект микромассажа и дренаж лимфатической жидкости, что позволяет избавиться от целлюлита.

Finally, with the help of these shorts, you can create a unique sporty style when visiting a fitness club. Since they are sewn from an elastic material – neoprene with the addition of viscose – it is very tight around the figure, pulling the forms and hiding the extra volume of the hips, legs and abdomen. Having put on such shorts, you just want to train.

Несмотря на положительные стороны, заблуждений насчет ношения и возможностей термошорт хватает. Эта одежда не столь безобидна, как может показаться на первый взгляд.

Производители рекомендуют носить шорты для похудения ежедневно, практически без перерыва. А то и спать ложиться в неопреновых штанах. Любой врач скажет, что это неправильно и опасно.

Being in conditions saunas for long hours is harmful not only for the heart, but for the vessels and skin. Therefore, thermal shorts can be worn as needed, but not in place of home clothes.

Also a misconception is the possibility of shorts to burn fat. Neoprene practically does not let in air, working as a steam bath. But fat is not water, it can not be heated in a sauna. Therefore, the result of wearing a thermoshort will be a good daily plummet, but this does not mean that after the liquid is drunk the mass will not return again.

Neoprene removes liquid, and with it toxins and slags. Consequently, long wearing shorts for weight loss can harm the body – a dense elastic tissue does not absorb moisture, then all the released toxins will be absorbed back into the skin.

Shorts for weight loss are contraindicated in diseases of the skin and pelvic organs. Especially this form is harmful to men, because the effect of the sauna in the groin and squeezing of the testicles can adversely affect the childbearing function.

It can be concluded that the correction of the figure with the help of shorts is possible if you wear them during training. In addition, it is recommended to use in parallel special means against cellulite. But do not hope that by wearing shorts for weight loss, you can achieve harmony with a passive lifestyle.

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