Transform your face with stroking

Transform your face with stroking
Every beautiful woman strives for a healthy and radiant face. Moreover, the fashion dictates the naturalness in everything. In place of various bronzers and bright blush came a completely new technique of makeup – stroking, which recognizes only tender pastel and light colors. So you should stock up with a tonal cream, weightless powder and most importantly, do not forget about the highlighter, because it will help you in creating the right make-up.

Strobing does not weigh on clear lines, does not draw certain parts of the face. The main thing in this technique of make-up is to make your face as natural as possible, as if you were not making it at all.

With the help of a highlighter you will be able to place the necessary accents, with no details. Feeling it on certain areas of the face, you give it the right shine. So after applying tonal remedy you can proceed to strobing. You do not have to apply the brush with the brush, smoothly draw the necessary accents, so you can better control the process and not overdo it with makeup.

Evenly distribute the highlighter in the middle of the forehead, above the upper lip, under the eyebrows, along the cheekbones and nose bridge, do not forget about the chin.

If you liked this trendy trend in makeup, then you need remember the five basic rules of stroking:

1. Before embarking on the hailer, it is necessary to disguise all imperfections of the skin. Strobing is impossible without a perfect even tone. So if you have rashes or redness, first disguise them with special cosmetic products, and then proceed to apply the highlighter.

2. Remember, this is a completely new style that does not accept clear lines. Therefore, the highlighter should be carefully shaded to make the makeup look as natural as possible.

3. Owners of dry skin should choose a high-intensity cream texture, and girls with a fat type is better to pay attention to the friable texture. But if you have a combined skin type, then you can safely combine both highlighter textures. On dry areas, apply a cream product, and on greasy – friable.

4. Remember that in no case do you need to apply a lot of cosmetics, so that the face does not look like a fat pancake. The hilayter on the skin should be barely noticeable.

5. Do not confuse the bronzer with the highlighter. After all, the first is used in the beauty sphere to achieve the effect of sunburn on the skin, but we need to achieve a natural radiance.

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