Top 5 female summer fragrances 2013

Top 5 female summer fragrances 2013
Summer is a wonderful occasion to finally change your favorite fragrance. In the 2013 season, perfumers offer a lot of fragrant novelties to female representatives, which will allow them to be attractive and feminine in any situation.

Acqua di Gioia Eau Fraiche from Giorgio Armani

Original aquatic aroma, exuding freshness. This is another variation of the popular perfume 2010 of the year Acqua di Gioia from the fashion house Armani. In comparison with the original flavor, in the version of 2013 floral notes are somewhat muted, and water came to the first position – what should be in the summer! Acqua di Gioia Eau Fraiche will easily add charm to any summer image.

Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Bianca from Guerlain

The famous perfume collection Guerlain under the name Aqua Allegoria replenished with citrus aroma. It was created by the main perfumer of the fashion house – Thierry Wasser. According to the author, парфюм easily immerse each of its owner in a real citrus siesta and give a wonderful pleasure from an amazing bouquet consisting of flower petals and peel.

Dahlia Noir L’Eau от Givenchy

Summer variation of the already become legendary "Black Dahlia" (Dahlia Noir) from the fashion house Givenchy. This fresh floral perfume opens notes cedar essence and neroli. In the heart of the aroma plays a delicate chord of petals pion and roses. The base notes of musk are shrouded in the exquisite aura of the "dear" woman.

Glorious Mandarin from Gucci

Линейка ароматов Gucci Flora Garden пополнилась парфюмом, который открывается нотами благоухающего пиона и сочного мандарина, плавно переходя в аккорд пина колады и жасмина. В базе ожидает амбра, древесина и белый мускус. Аромат Glorious Mandarin как нельзя лучше подойдет для вечерней прогулки или свидания с любимым.

Prada Candy L’eau

A light summer version of the caramel perfume 2011 from Prada, created by the same perfumer – Daniela Andrier. To the original fragrance, new floral and citrus motifs were added. In the center of the fragrant new items – sweet peas and Italian citrus, as well as honey аккорды and caramel. Prada Candy L'eau – an ideal addition to the image of "sweet" girls!

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