Top 4 successful haircuts for fine hair

Top 4 successful haircuts for fine hair
Thin hair is easy to lay, they stay in shape for a long time. But it is quite difficult to build a magnificent hairdo, as the volume of thin curls is not enough. To fix this problem, you need to choose the right haircut.

Haircuts for long and medium hair – stairs and thinning will create the right volume

Идеальная, максимально возможная длина haircuts for thin volos – Just below the shoulders. For longer hairstyles, thick, dense curls are needed, then they will look handsomely. Long thin hair every day to put in a hairdo, which will create the right volume. But locks to the shoulders can be worn loose if they are trimmed correctly.

Correct haircut for long and medium thin hair – stepped. Strands on the vertex and in the occipital area should be shorter than the curls behind. Then hairstyle will get the right volume, it will seem magnificent.

If you want to create the most voluminous hairstyles on thin hair – get the locks on the hairpins. They will make a fashionable plait brave, a bunch – resilient and large.

The most popular haircuts, in which strands have different lengths – "Aurora" and square. In the first case difference между длиной прядей значительная, on the back of the head they cut very short. In the second case, the curls are almost equal in length, only slightly shorter in the parietal and occipital zones. Very often, by creating a hairstyle for the quads, the hairdressers miter the tips to lighten the hair, making them as lush as possible. These hairstyles with hair medium length are very convenient, because allow you to create a variety of fashionable hairstyles.

Short hairstyles for fine hair – simple styling and beautiful shape

The easiest way to make a beautiful hairstyle on thin hair, if they are cut short. A small amount of liquid for styling (it fits best, because it does not weight the strands), a round hairbrush, a hair dryer – and a stylish fluffy hairstyle is ready. Thus, you can style haircuts like "Garson" or "Bob". In them the main volume falls on the upper lobes, and from the bottom the hair is cut very short. They seem to support the elongated upper strands, allowing you to keep the volume of the hairstyle for a long time. The only minus of short hair is to wash them and lay them every day. Overnight, short curls crumple, lose shape, the haircut looks untidy.

Dark hair appears more voluminous than light ones only if their length is more than five centimeters.

It should be careful with extremely short haircuts, where the hair is less than three centimeters in length. If the curls are liquid and dark, then in these hairstyles ugly bald patches can form. To the insufficient volume was not too noticeable – color the hair in light shades.

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