Top 10 rules how to properly choose anti-aging cosmetics

Top 10 rules how to properly choose anti-aging cosmetics
Aging is inevitable, but this does not mean that any aspiring looking good woman sooner or later is doomed to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon. Fortunately, today there are enough anti-aging products that can significantly slow down the negative changes in the skin. However, you need to carefully approach their choice, guided not only by brand popularity or price. From the correct choice of anti-aging cosmetics depends on how effective its application will be.

The main task of anti-aging agents is to stimulate metabolic processes in the skin, to increase the level of elastin and collagen production, to moisten. These properties provide special active components aimed at combating various types of aging. Cosmetologists distinguish photoaging associated with the negative effects of ultraviolet light, myosthenia caused by too active facial expressions, and chronobiological aging, which is due to the natural aging processes. Cosmetic brand KORA offers women an extensive list of tools, helping to solve various problems of skin aging in a complex way and to support its youth and beauty. A 10 most important rules помогут вам сделать правильный выбор антивозрастных средств:

1. Не по возрасту, а по состоянию

The labels on the package, which refer to a cosmetic product for a certain age group, are in fact just a convention. And if on the jar or tube you see something like "after 35" or "50 +", do not rush to choose a tool for the year of your birth. The skin of each person grows old at its own pace, everything is strictly individual, the process depends on many factors: genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, health characteristics. So it will be better to assess the skin condition of a specialist first, and then choose the means of disposal for individual tasks: either to increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, or to eliminate pigmentation spots, or to reduce facial wrinkles and so on.

2. Care – only regular

Take for a rule to pay attention to your skin every day, turning care of it into a painstaking and constant ritual. No jar with a newfangled remedy will do a miracle. Output in a complex and systematic process. And it is best to use different means of the same brand, their ingredients are specially selected in such a way as to enhance the impact of each other. It is no coincidence that the brand KORA such a wide range of anti-aging agents is presented.

3. Effective components

The best mature skin responds to the effects of antioxidants, peptides, collagen, hyaluronic acid, retinoids and hydroquinone. In a complex all these substances perfectly rejuvenate, increase the density of the skin, stimulate regeneration, smooth the color.

4. Use different tools

Сегодня антиэйдж-элементы содержат далеко не только крема, но и лосьоны, сыворотки, скрабы, гели и пенки для умывания. Подберите для себя все эти средства основного ухода из антивозрастной серии одной марки.

5. Masks and peelings

To stay young as long as possible, the skin needs not only the daily mandatory procedures. At least once a week, or better – twice – you need to do a delicate cleansing, cleaning the dead cells. Use soft scrubs or acid peels, and you can complete the procedure with an anti-aging mask.

6. Massage

Excellent massage rejuvenates the skin, today it can be done at home. A good solution is a compact massager, which must be used in conjunction with anti-aging sera. Ideal – serum with peptides.

7. Sun protection

In any day cream there must be sunscreen filters, even in the one you use in winter. Ultraviolet harm the skin no matter what time of year. Choose a factor with a winter factor of at least 5 SPF, in summer – at least 15-30 SPF, and you prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles.

8. The consistency is important

Today, anti-aging drugs are available in various forms: creams, gels, fluids. Choose them not only according to your preferences, but also guided by the type of skin. So, for dry it will be best to have a cream, for a greasy gel. In addition, in summer the means should be less fat and dense than in winter.

9. Нет аллергии

A number of anti-aging components are quite powerful allergens, for example, collagen or panthenol. If you encounter an unpleasant reaction during the application of a particular remedy, examine the composition, consult an allergist and a cosmetologist and select cosmetics with other constituent ingredients.

10. Buy only in trusted places

In no event it is impossible to buy cosmetics, especially anti-aging, in non-trustworthy stores. It is best to take anti-aging drugs in specialized salons, large cosmetic networks and pharmacies.