To get rid of pimples on the back and shoulders, finding out the cause

To get rid of pimples on the back and shoulders, finding out the cause
The appearance of acne is an actual problem not only for adolescents, but also for adults. As with other problems with the body, you should find out the cause of their formation, this will help get rid of pimples on the back and shoulders.


Acne on the back and shoulders: causes

There are two groups of causes that cause the appearance of acne on the back: external and internal. External refers, first of all, wearing clothes made from artificial, synthetic fabrics, which leads to the fact that the skin practically does not breathe under it. Moreover, the skin in this zone is subjected to increased friction against clothing, and the result of all is the multiplication of bacteria. The second reason can be a strong passion for sunburn, resulting in the skin produces more fat, and this, in turn, manifests itself in the clogging of pores and the appearance of acne. In the event that acne on the back and shoulders already have place to be, you can only worsen the situation, damaging the skin: scratching, picking them. And this is the result of their even greater distribution and inflammation.

Acne on the back and shoulders: causes internal

There are internal reasons, which lead to the formation of acne. For example, one of such important reasons is an allergy. Indeed, the presence of anything on an allergy can lead to the appearance of acne, which in appearance is very similar to the traces that occur when the skin contacts the nettle.

Another, no less important cause of acne on the back, may be the presence in the body of hormonal failure. In the event that the production of hormones is disturbed, this stimulates the formation of fat, which, in turn, leads to clogging of the pores. There is an inflammatory process. Most often this problem is noted in adolescents and pregnant women.

The next reason for acne on the back and shoulders is the presence of a bacterial infection. In particular, some types of bacteria can cause acne on the body. Most often, such a rash is characterized by inflammation and the presence of pus. The appearance of the rash may be the result of improper operation of the digestive system. With an unhealthy diet, the body can "repay" pimples on the back and shoulders.

Thus, if you want to finally get rid of pimples on your back, you should first determine the cause of their formation, and already concentrate on the home methods of fighting them.

How to get rid of pimples on your back and shoulders yourself

In the event that the problem has not taken on a large scale, then there is the opportunity to cope with acne on its own. The main thing is that the process of treatment should proceed consistently, and the treatment itself should be of a complex nature. It is worth remembering that in case such methods do not lead to a positive result – you can not get rid of acne on your back or, moreover, only deterioration occurs, it is better to contact a specialist.

As you know, proper and balanced nutrition is a necessary condition for beautiful and healthy skin. If, on the contrary, the diet is dominated by fatty and fried foods, sweet dishes or alcohol, it is worth reconsidering it. It is necessary to abandon such food and include in daily nutrition fruits, vegetables, more cereals.

To get rid of pimples on the back and shoulders and daily use of a warm shower will help, which will properly cleanse the skin of dirt and sweat on it. In any case, even if acne on the back is absent, it is better not to forget about hygiene for the purpose of prevention. In order to dry the available acne it is worth using either tar soap or a special antibacterial gel. If the rash is quite common, then visiting the steam room once or twice a week can help get rid of it, cleanse the skin.

To get rid of acne on the back and shoulders will help and special outdoor means. After visiting the shower it is necessary to treat the pimples with an anti-acne tonic, and then lubricate this area with cream. You can use such effective drugs as bazon, tea tree oil, salicylic lotion, zinc ointment. Treatment of inflammation should be done twice a day.

There is another way to get rid of acne on the back – the use of clay masks. The procedure is simple: apply clay to the skin, over wrap the food film and leave for a quarter of an hour. It is necessary to carry out such a procedure once every two weeks a week.



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