Tips for the proper storage of cosmetics

Tips for the proper storage of cosmetics
Cosmetics are necessary for every woman, and it does not matter – a lot of her or just a few lipstick tubes. The main thing is that it should be stored correctly so that it can serve, and not spoil the skin. Even if the expiry date has not passed yet, cosmetics with improper storage can do great harm, so it is necessary to know a few very important secrets.

Powder serves for a long time – two years, but is stored only at room temperature.

Foundation afraid of light and spoils from excessive humidity. When it is after use in the refrigerator, it does not lose its properties even after 12 months. The most quickly deteriorate the tonal funds on a water basis.

Basically products for skin care, годны от шести до двенадцати месяцев, и место им – в дверце холодильника. Специалисты утверждают, что кремы выдерживают температуру обычно от 5 до 25 градусов. Если кремы хранятся при более низких температурах, то могут стать слишком твердыми, а если текстура их – жидкая эмульсионная, – происходит реакция, в результате чего выкристаллизовывается вода, а значит крем будет безнадежно испорчен. Если температура выше 25 градусов, крем может слишком сильно размягчиться, и опять же, нарушится его структура. Чтобы крем приносил настоящую пользу, необходимо при покупке сразу знакомиться с правилами хранения. Чего, к сожалению, многие не делают.

Pomade is designed for its use in 18 months. It is somewhat capricious and it is desirable to store it at a temperature of about 5 degrees. When it loses its properties, it lays unevenly on the lips and dries them very much. You can find out about the last time of use for an unpleasant smell.

ink only then it will be beautiful and effective to look at eyelashes, if it is away from sunlight and lighting devices. She loves the usual room temperature and makes her eyes more expressive six months. Of many means, it can lose its properties faster than everyone, and it is better to get rid of it after the expired period, otherwise bacteria will appear in it, and they have the property of irritating the mucous membrane.

Cosmetic Pencils it is also better to store in a room, but so that the sun does not fall on them, within 18 months.

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