Tips for the care of dry hands

Tips for the care of dry hands
Dry skin of the hands is a fairly common problem. How to deal with it?

If you have dry skin on your hands, protect it from harmful external influences: in the cold wear gloves or mittens. In case of prolonged exposure to sunlight, use sunscreen.

After washing, dry your hands with a towel, especially the areas between your fingers.

Be careful when using chemicals to clean the sink, bath, dishwashing, laundry, etc. If possible, buy less dangerous means. Use rubber gloves.

Perhaps the problem of dry skin is associated with a lack of vitamins and trace elements. The doctor will help you find the right course. In such cases, vitamins A and E. are usually prescribed.

If the skin is excessively dry, cracked, sores are formed, be sure to visit a dermatologist. Perhaps the dryness of the skin is associated with a disease.

Choose the best hand soap for yourself. It is desirable that it is natural and does not contain additives.

Choose a hand cream that suits you, apply it regularly. Cosmetologists in this case advise moisturizing cream. With the same success it is possible to use usual children's cream – it ideally humidifies and softens. It is also useful to lubricate the skin with vegetable or olive oil – an excellent remedy for dryness.

Pamper your hands with pleasant cosmetic procedures. For example, hold your hands about 20 minutes in a bath with water and one tablespoon of olive oil. For dry skin, this procedure is also useful: make a compress of cream of high fat content, hold 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water (if there is no possibility to make a compress, just apply cream on the skin, hold and wash). It is also useful to make a mask of oatmeal (mix a little porridge and vegetable oil), hold for X minutes, wash it off.

Shorten the time of bathing – hot water worsens the skin.

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