Tips for preventing stretch marks after childbirth

Tips for preventing stretch marks after childbirth
Finally, the long-awaited baby was born. Happiness came to him in the house. But my mother must take care of her appearance and solve the frequently asked question: how to prevent stretch marks? How do you get rid of them?

Эффективно помогают предотвратить растяжки after childbirth various specialized creams. Use one of them if you do not have any allergic reactions to it, strictly following the instructions and forever solve this trouble.

To solve the problem of stretch marks after childbirth You did not bother, it is important to take care of prevention during pregnancy. Bandage, special underwear – these are the obligatory things of every woman in childbirth.

Try to mix 30 ml of olive oil and a few drops of essential oil of grapefruit or mandarin. The resulting mixture is rubbed 4 times per day in problem areas. According to this method in the old days they solved the issue of women who gave birth-how to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

The use of massage procedures is very helpful. Use a vacuum-roller massage. He is very effective in this issue.

Do not forget about walking with your child. Every day for several hours, walk. Your child will be in the open air, and you will allow strengthening of the muscles of the abdomen and legs, which will also help prevent the appearance of new stretch marks.

Можно прибегнуть к использованию хирургического вмешательства. Использовать лазер или косметическую операцию. Помните, что обязательно нужно иметь одобрение лечащего врача.

Childbirth allows a new life to be born, but the kid must see his mother always happy with herself. How to prevent stretch marks after childbirth? Just do not forget about yourself and your beauty.

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