Tips for caring for oily and problem skin

Tips for caring for oily and problem skin
In a person with oily skin, sebaceous glands function more actively than in people with other skin types. This is due to both diseases and hormonal changes. Oily skin of the face requires special care and needs regular cleansing. Oily skin of the face causes a lot of problems. In the expanded pores dirt easily gets, as a result of which foci of inflammation form. In the absence of proper hygiene, oily skin will quickly cover with acne. The main task is to remove it from surplus fat in a timely manner. To care for oily skin, alcoholic lotions and tightening masks are used. But it is much better to be able to do them yourself, from natural ingredients. The effect will not be worse, but the benefit – more.

Oily skin has its advantages. It does not dry up, because it remains young for a longer time. On oily skin less wrinkles are formed.

Рецепт травяного лосьона: взять травы мать-и-мачехи, календулы, тысячелистника, эвкалипта, хвоща, ромашки. Перемешать в равном соотношении. 2 ст. л. смеси добавить в 0,5 л кипятка, покипятить 15 мин. Настаивать 3 ч, затем процедить и влить 1 ч. л. уксуса и 30 мл водки на стакан настоя. Для цветочного лосьона взять лепестки роз, васильков, ромашки, календулы, маргариток. 2 ст. л. смеси залить 1 ст. кипятка. Дать постоять полчаса, процедить, влить 1 ч. л. уксуса и 4 ч.л. борного спирта.

Если на коже есть воспаления или сыпь, воспользуйтесь лосьоном из петрушки. Петрушка известна своим успокаивающим воздействием. Заварите 1 ст. л. ее корней и листьев, дайте настояться 1 ч и добавьте 0,25 ст. белого вина. Также в борьбе с воспалениями поможет мятный лосьон: возьмите 2 ст. л. мяты на 0,5 ст. кипятка, кипятите 10 мин. Процедите, добавьте 2 ч. л. борного спирта, 2 ст. л. настойки календулы, 1 ч. л. сока лимона. Перед очищением проблемной кожи можно подержать лицо над паром, чтобы лучше открылись поры.

Oily skin needs masking with a tightening effect. As a mask, you can cover your face with whipped egg whites. When it forms a film, immediately apply a new layer. Do this until 20 minutes pass. In the mask of the protein can also be added 1 tsp. lemon juice. As an emollient mask, you can apply cotton wool impregnated with an alcohol solution of marigold to your face.

Очищающие маски можно делать с использованием глины. Она способна эффективно впитывать кожное сало.

Nourishing masks for oily skin are recommended to make of fruits and vegetables. Tomato mask: 30 ml of tomato juice and 1 st. l. lt; / RTI & gt; Apple: put on the face gruel from an apple. You can add an egg to the apple. Anti-inflammatory masks for oily skin have an acidic base, as it prevents the spread of bacteria. You can apply a dairy product to the skin. For example, mix kefir and cottage cheese, hold 15 minutes. All masks are washed off with cool water. Hot it is impossible, it activates activity of sebaceous glands and even more expands pores.

For deep cleansing apply scrubs and make peeling procedure, maximum 1-2 times a week. Unfortunately, to prepare the most effective means for peeling is problematic. Most often, it contains both chemicals and fruit acids. Therefore, it is worth either to buy a ready-made product, or go to a beauty salon and undergo a procedure under the guidance of a professional. Before peeling at home, wash and wipe your face, then apply the remedy for 3 minutes.

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