Tips experienced: how to lose weight on 5 kg per week

Tips experienced: how to lose weight on 5 kg per week
The program of rapid slimming for one week is designed for people who do not suffer from serious diseases and contains tips that are easy to implement for almost any person. Lose weight cool!

MONDAY. This day devote to sensible planning. Allocate time for morning exercises and gymnastics. Purchase the necessary ingredients and products. Book your time at the sauna. Make a sparing diet and prepare formulas for auto-hypnosis.
We plan to lose weight on 5 kg

ВТОРНИК. Как и последующие дни этой недели losing weight start it with water procedures. Drink 2 a glass of warm boiled water on an empty stomach. Take a contrast shower, rubbing the entire body, especially its problem areas, with a stiff washcloth. Have breakfast with buckwheat soaked from the evening of Monday. Drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice. During the day, do a secret exercise, which I spied on the masters of qigong. Put your foot on a small stand or a bench, squeeze your hand into a fist and hit yourself on the outside of the thigh at 4 points, starting at the point near the knee, then 2 in the middle and one near the buttock. Make a minimum of 50 approaches per 4 strike on each thigh during the day. Through this part of the thigh passes the meridian of the gallbladder, which is responsible for the digestion of food and general metabolism. Hitting yourself on the hips, you activate his work. In the evening, take a walk in the fresh air and go to bed as early as possible.
Худейте активно двигаясь

WEDNESDAY. Keep doing everything you started on Tuesday. Today is a very important day – it's time to start more active actions. As planned on Monday, visit the sports massage room. This type of massage is designed to activate the waste of toxins and lactic acid from the muscles. If you are lucky and in the village where you live, there is a gouache massage, order a couple of sessions of this healing, albeit very painful procedure. This massage is a comb from the bone буйвола изобрели врачи китайской медицины для активизации лимфатической системы, которая отвечает за вывод токсинов из организма. Завершите день прогулкой и расслабляющей ванной с ароматическими маслами. Подойдут лаванда, шалфей или мелисса. Сегодня минус 1 кг.
Athletic massage will free the muscles from toxins.

THURSDAY. Day of moderate exercise. It is important to maintain the previously set tempo. Go to the gym to dance aerobics or go bowling with friends. Eat a little, but move more than usual. End the day by hiking in the pool. Water perfectly relaxes muscles and helps to quickly fall asleep. And do not forget to tap the meridian of the gallbladder several times a day. Today still minus 1 kg.
Поход спортзал способствует похудению

ПЯТНИЦА. Начните день с бега трусцой на свежем воздухе. Весь день пейте отвар корня солодки уральской или солодки bare, as it is also called. This is almost the only available means to activate the lymphatic system. Brew the grass in a thermos and drink during the whole working time in small sips. So you will prepare the lymphatic system for tomorrow's wellness procedure. Eat as much as possible fresh stewed vegetables and easily digestible protein. And minus 1 kg.
A balanced diet is a pledge of healthy weight loss

SATURDAY. In the morning, continue to drink licorice broth naked. Today you have a hike with friends in the sauna or Russian bath. Highlight this activity for several hours, preferably with 16: 00 to 20: 00. Do not go to the steam room in the early morning or late at night. Take with you a linen sheet and a kilo of sea salt, which you can buy at any pharmacy. Warm up properly in the hot air of the steam room. Then have a drink of hot herbal tea. While drinking tea with friends, soak the sheet in a solution of sea salt. 1 kg of salt per 10 liters of hot water. After half an hour, squeeze out the sheet a little and wrap the whole body in it, except the head, go into the steam room. Alternate the salt wrap with drinking hot tea. 5 minutes in steam room, полчаса в предбаннике. Простыню после каждого захода замачивайте в том же солевом растворе. Закончите поход в сауну прохладным душем. Сегодня у вас минус 2 кг. Вечер субботы проведите лежа на диване. Перед сном можно посмотреть легкую комедию или послушать классическую музыку.
Sauna is the best way to lose weight healthy

SUNDAY. Spend this day in nature with family or friends. Shish kebab from meat substitute for shrimp or fish grill. Walk, play ball, move a lot. Saturate your body with oxygen and energy for the next week of healthy weight loss. In the evening, sum up your rapid weight loss. What happened, what helped, and what needs to be adjusted. You just got easier on 5 kg.
Walking in the fresh air will fix the results of losing weight

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