Tincture of calendula as an agent for the treatment of acne

Tincture of calendula as an agent for the treatment of acne
Calendula is often used in medicine and cosmetology. Tincture of this plant is the simplest and most effective means for treating acne in the home. Tincture of calendula can be purchased at a pharmacy or done by yourself. To do this, you need: a glass container, 0,5 l of any 40% alcohol and 2 st.l. grated marigold flowers. Plant flowers are flooded with alcohol and put for a week in a dark place. From time to time, the container should be shaken. After the necessary time has passed, the tincture is filtered and used as needed.

Существует еще один вариант изготовления домашней настойки календулы. 25 г мелко нарезанных цветков календулы заливают 50 мл 40% спирта, добавляют стакан воды и 70 мл тройного одеколона. Настаивать так же, как в предыдущем рецепте. По истечении положенного времени в процеженную настойку добавляют 5 мл глицерина и столько же 5% борной кислоты. Любой вариант настойки подходит не только для лечения угрей, но и для разглаживания шрамов и рубцов, оставшихся после прыщей. Для этого проблемные участки просто несколько раз в день смазывают полученной настойкой.

Do not lubricate the entire face with the tincture, as the alcohol dries the skin. Problem areas are better to handle pointwise, using a cotton swab for this.

If there are a lot of pimples and can not be treated pointwise, you can prepare a special lotion, which you can wipe the entire face. It will require: a glass of purified water, 10 ml of liquid natural honey, 10 ml of calendula tincture. All components are combined and mixed thoroughly. Use at least twice a day.

Another very effective remedy for acne, which is popularly called a talker. Take 4 Levomycetin tablets, grind them and add 50 ml of calendula tincture, 5 g of medical sulfur, 50 ml of salicylic alcohol, 30 ml of boric alcohol. Obtained means should be lubricated problem areas at least 2 once a day.

If, after using tinctures of calendula on the skin, redness or flaking appeared, try to reduce the frequency of use of the product and completely switch to the alcohol-free form of the preparation.

Very good effect gives a mask with a tincture of calendula. Take 25 g of flour and the same amount of calendula tincture, mix them and add some water to make a mixture similar in density to homemade sour cream. The mask is applied for 10 minutes, after which it is washed off with cool water. The mixture disinfects problem areas, soothes the skin, removes irritation, which allows the pimples to heal much faster.

In a bottle with a tincture of marigold, bought at the pharmacy, add a couple drops of tea tree oil. Shake the container several times to allow the components to mix well. Using a cotton bud, mix gently on problematic areas, trying not to get on healthy skin, so as not to overdry it.

For a radical struggle with the problem skin, take the head of onions, minutes 10 hold it over the steam. Isolated juice is mixed with 15 ml of marigold tincture or 2 st. l. finely chopped plant flowers. Wadding stick gently dip into the mixture and wipe the inflamed places. You can carry out this procedure no more than 3 times a day.

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