Time to lose weight

Time to lose weight
Excess weight excites many. The reasons for the emergence of completeness are many. The approach to weight loss is individual. The main thing is not to despair. Consistency and perseverance will necessarily lead to the desired result.

First of all, you need to figure out the reason for completeness, and only then, knowing the truth, you can begin to reduce weight.

"Unnecessary" inheritance. Often it happens that the predisposition to overweight is inherited. Moreover, if parents are overweight, then most likely, your problem appeared already in childhood. The tendency to excessive obesity arises from the wrong and unhealthy diet even in childhood. In this situation, a properly chosen diet is needed with a reduction in the consumption of high-calorie food and a mandatory increase in the force loads.

I gave birth and "typed". Most women gain weight after giving birth. Pregnancy in most cases is accompanied by an increase in body weight, the kilograms collected in this case is a normal process and getting rid of them is difficult right after delivery, especially if your child is still young and you are still breastfeeding. Hormones in a nursing woman prevent weight loss. Therefore, the weight will decrease gradually after six months after the completion of breastfeeding.

Depression. Weight gain due to increased appetite happens against a background of psychoemotional stress – a kind of reaction of some people who are depressed. There is a jump in the hormonal balance in response to mental stress and this contributes to the deposition of excess fat, even if the diet is observed. In this situation, the main thing is to normalize your emotional state.

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