Three steps to removing the stomach

Three steps to removing the stomach
You spend hours shaking the press, and snack only leaves of lettuce, but while your stomach can not be called flat? Do you envy someone who has the figure of your dreams, do you think, without additional efforts? Perhaps the whole point is that the owners of the embossed hollow bellies know a few secrets. Do and you are only three steps towards getting rid of the belly forever. Cardiotrains

The only way to remove fat deposits around the waist and abdomen is not exercises on the press, but cardio-operations. As long as you start burning more calories than you consume, your tummy will be round and soft, no matter what effort. Isolated exercises on the abdominal muscles, of course, pump the press, but who will see it under the fat layer? Cardio, or, as they are called, aerobic exercises will provide you with another great bonus – a healthy heart. In total 150 minutes of such exercises per week will allow you to see the relief over which you have worked so long. The "cardio" includes classes on treadmills and exercise bikes, on a stepper, but you get the same aerobic loads by running around the park, walking along the street, climbing stairs, biking, dancing energetically. In the hall or at home, on the streets of a noisy city or on a ski track, a rink, a path in the park – choose any kind of cardio training that will give you pleasure, but do not overdo it! If you overstrain the body and prevent it from recovering, your muscles will begin to drain. Begin with small loads, gradually increasing the duration and intensity of training. Do it with a break in 1-2 days. Four times a week, the duration of 20-30 minutes will be quite enough for a beginner.

«Чистая» пища

Who does not know that in order to clean the stomach, you need to eat right? Of course, this is known to everyone, but only the opinion that, what healthy eating, sometimes diverge. For your belly, long-term extreme diets are useless. Half-starved existence will not only not give you the energy necessary for cardioactivity, but will also force the body to go into an "emergency" regime and put off fat (mostly around the waist and abdomen) at every convenient opportunity with a tripled force. Where your girlfriend with a flat tummy will eat a piece of cake, which will then be generously translated into energy, you will lick the saucer and the body, confident that around horror, darkness and hunger, will quickly store all the calories in fat. So how should you eat to "clean your belly"? For this, there is a "clean" diet, a diet in which you eat as much as you need the body, but consume extremely useful foods, without "empty" calories. Everything that you eat should be beneficial, food is your friend, not the enemy. There is a whole list продуктов, позволяющих сделать живот плоским и рельефным. Среди них яйца и грейпфруты, горький шоколад и оливковое масло, яблоки и шпинат и другие.

Muscle against fat

It seems surprisingly unfair to overweight people that muscles burn more fat. What for and without that pumped up sportsmen such bonus? Well, this is the nature's reward for a man who has conducted more than one strength training to make bones, joints and muscles stronger and more durable. You can pump the chest, and fat will go off your abdomen, at the same time, although the breast itself does not increase, but the correct posture and inflated supporting muscles will make it optically more. A slender waist, a flat stomach, a high chest and an elastic priest – for this it is worth spending several hours, lifting dumbbells and doing sit-ups, is not it?

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